Discover nearly 50 tons of cosmetics with unknown origin

On February 2nd, Long An province's Duc Hoa district police announced the discovery of nearly 50 tons of untraceable cosmetics without any proof of origin or accompanying invoices. The police were able to seize the products, which raises concerns about their quality and safety. Further investigation is underway to determine the source and potential illegal activities surrounding these products.


previously, at noon on january 31st, the district economic police team of Đức Hòa district coordinated with the police of Mỹ Hạnh Bắc commune to inspect a warehouse covering hundreds of square meters in Rừng Sến hamlet, Mỹ Hạnh Bắc commune.

during the inspection, it was found that the warehouse contained many cosmetic products packaged in cartons, and the owner of the batch of goods was unable to present any relevant invoices or documents. The police team proceeded to make a temporary seizure report of nearly 50 tons of cosmetic products, totaling 1,644,000 units.

A large quantity of cosmetics with unknown origins.

Discovery of a “huge” cosmetic warehouse.

Currently, the police of Đức Hòa district are continuing to investigate and verify the case to handle it according to the law.

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