Diva Hong Nhung’s New Home: Luxurious Penthouse in the “Rich Neighborhood”

Located in the Thao Dien area of Ho Chi Minh City, the penthouse of diva Hong Nhung offers stunning views and luxurious furnishings.


On her personal page, diva Hong Nhung often shares small corners in the penthouse she just bought in Ho Chi Minh City. With a passion for music, “Miss Bong” has devoted a whole room to satisfy her singing and painting passion.

The house is decorated with modern furniture in elegant and luxurious colors. Especially, Hong Nhung uses many abstract paintings to embellish the space.

The living room of the penthouse is quite spacious, connected to the kitchen. The living room has a large glass wall so that the owner can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from above, which is very airy and beautiful.

In the living room, the diva displays many green trees to create accents. On the occasion of the new year, Hong Nhung even bought a large, beautiful peach branch to bring the typical Tet atmosphere of the North.

The colorful sofas are harmoniously combined to create a cozy space for the room.

Hong Nhung’s penthouse also has an “infinity” swimming pool, surrounded by many flowers and grass, bringing a fresh, harmonious space with nature.

The spacious bedroom with a glass wall design allows Hong Nhung to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city. Every small corner in the penthouse exudes a sense of luxury, and reflects the personality of the owner.

Hong Nhung often invites colleagues and close friends to her house. Singers My Linh, Quang Dung, Quang Linh… are the ones who “blessed” the new house that Hong Nhung just bought.

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