Driving Digital Transformation in the HR Industry

Thanks to technology, the labor management tasks, procedures, and administrative processes that used to be done manually will be significantly reduced.


The Annual Digital Transformation Report for Enterprises in 2022 by the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) shows that 48.8% of enterprises have used some digital transformation solutions but are not currently using them due to unsuitable solutions. Only 6.2% have achieved digital transformation goals and only 7.6% have gradually built short and long-term plans for digital transformation. In addition, most surveyed enterprises implement disconnected digital transformation, managing each function separately without synchronous connections.

In that context, the Vietnam Human Resources Club – Vietnam Human Resources Association (VNHR) has connected experts to help businesses transform towards Agile Adaptation through Digital Transformation.

On the morning of January 30, 2024, VNHR officially held a signing ceremony with 5 partners including:

Dale Carnegie Vietnam – Dale Carnegie School of Business

CareerBuilder Now as CareerViet – Reliable Job Channel.

C- Talents – Member of SUCCESS PARTNER

JobTest – Online career guidance and competency assessment platform

AIID – Vietnam Alliance for Digital Workforce Development

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Le Hong Phuc, Vice Chairman of the Association of Vietnamese Enterprise Managers, Chairman of VNHR: “Thanks to technology, manual tasks, administrative procedures in labor management have been significantly reduced. For a long time, HR departments have spent a lot of time and effort on “administrative” work and resolving incidents, without time to focus on caring, managing and developing their talent and human resources, which is the key to business development”.

Among VNHR’s 5 partners mentioned above, 4 out of 5 have adopted Big Data, one of the factors that help employers make decisions in attracting talent, accompanying the most reputable HR community in Vietnam. For example, CareerViet currently has 2 million job postings per day and 200 million candidates worldwide along with millions of candidates in Vietnam, creating an HR Tech ecosystem that applies technology to search, attract and retain talent. Like CareerViet, VNHR is a companion of PeopleX Hiring, the leading recruitment solution integrating AI technology that helps businesses quickly and effectively choose outstanding personnel.

VNHR will accompany 100 experts from 24 fields with JobTest to solve the current human resources problem.

With experience and a long history of development, along with the team of experts from all sides, VNHR is accompanying leaders from talent attraction to employee training and development, to implement comprehensive, efficient and sustainable digital transformation and successfully solve major problems for organizations and businesses of all scales across Vietnam.

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