Elevator Media Channel: Expert Insights and Business Perspectives

The elevator advertising channel is installed in the elevators that urban residents have to pass through every day, where they can see LCD screens playing advertisements while waiting or riding the elevator at any time.


It can be said that elevator media channels that appeared in cities have become a television channel specializing in advertising but unable to switch channels, which is evaluated by advertisers as the main media channel in “brand promotion and product introduction”.

Why is elevator channel considered the main media channel? There have been many articles analyzing the effectiveness of elevator channels, with unique advantages such as passing by every day, covering high-end consumer groups, repeated broadcasts, mandatory viewing, no interruptions, close access… helping the main consumer group in society easily remember advertising content, thereby changing consumer behavior and leading the market.

A 2022 research report by ISOP China shows that among the successful brands with high recognition, the slogans that go deep into the minds of Chinese consumers in 2022, consumers’ access to advertising through television channels reached 47%, 56% from the internet channel and 83% from the elevator channel of the building. The access rate from the building channel is much higher than the internet channel. It can be seen that the advertising efficiency of the elevator channel is the best among the media. That is also why the building channel continuously receives prestigious awards as the “most effective media channel” at international advertising festivals in New York, London, and Busan. So how do experts and businesses evaluate the effectiveness of elevator media?

Dr. Nguyen Xuan Truong, Head of the International Training Institute at Ho Chi Minh City University of Finance and Marketing, commented:

“Advertising in elevator buildings is the media channel with the highest coverage and frequency of access to the main consumer group in urban areas. High advertising efficiency is reflected in the Return on Sales (ROS) and Return on Investment (ROI) indicators”.

Mr. Jack Ma, Chairman of the Alibaba Group, once said: “Advertising in buildings is becoming the key media channel in the entire advertising industry”.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh, Deputy General Director of PropertyGuru Vietnam Joint Stock Company, said: “After many years of cooperation with Chicilon Media, we highly appreciate the advertising effectiveness that the elevator channel brings. This form of advertising helps us increase brand recognition, target the intended target audience, thereby increasing the Top of mind rate for this customer target group”.

The narrow space inside the elevator contains the power for product advertising campaigns

In Vietnam, the elevator media channel is well known thanks to Chicilon Media, a company that owns a network of over 33,000 screens covering more than 3,400 high-end buildings. Ms. Dao Thuy Ha, Deputy General Director of Traphaco Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, said: “High coverage, continuous broadcast frequency, and a 33,000-screen system of Chicilon Media are major advantages for us to choose the building elevator media as the main advertising channel for products that require reminders. With the characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry and distribution throughout the country, Traphaco needs a large-scale media channel like Chicilon Media”.

It can be seen that experts and businesses all highly appreciate the advertising effectiveness of elevator media. With its unique advantages, the elevator channel has become a media channel that helps businesses “ignite their brand and promote products”.

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