Emotional Kieu people when admiring Ho Chi Minh City from Metro Line 1

Ho Chi Minh City has undergone a remarkable transformation since the day I left. It now boasts a completely different appearance, exuding a fresh and vibrant energy. This sentiment was captured by Mr. Nguyen Duong Nam Phuong, a Vietnamese American, who was amazed by the city's newfound liveliness.


On the morning of February 1st, as part of the Homeland Spring program in 2024, a delegation of 180 exemplary overseas Vietnamese visited and experienced Metro Line 1 (Suoi Tien – Ben Thanh).

Admiring Ho Chi Minh City from Metro Line 1, Mr. Nguyen Van Xuyen (74 years old, a Thai Vietnamese overseas) shared his excitement when seeing the city changing and developing.

Overseas Vietnamese listening to the introduction of Metro Line 1.

“In the past years, I only attended the Homeland Spring program in Hanoi. Now, being in Ho Chi Minh City, I can see that it has changed a lot. It is becoming more modern. I think it is necessary for Vietnam to follow the world’s development trend by having a metro line. This helps reduce traffic congestion in the inner city” – Mr. Xuyen said.

Overseas Vietnamese excited to experience Metro Line 1

“In this itinerary, I have visited and paid homage to the Hung Kings, experienced Metro Line 1.

These activities help me understand more about the cultural values of the nation as well as the economic and social achievements of the homeland.

That makes me even more proud that Vietnam is changing day by day. The overseas Vietnamese, despite being far from the homeland, always look back and spread that pride, the pride of being Vietnamese citizens” – Ms. Vu Minh Huyen (Australian Vietnamese overseas) shared.

Ms. Vu Minh Huyen excited to get on the metro

Participating in the trial run of Metro Line 1 makes many overseas Vietnamese happy with the changes in Ho Chi Minh City

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Duong Nam Phuong (American Vietnamese overseas) said that he had not returned to Ho Chi Minh City for more than 20 years. When he returned and looked at the homeland on Metro Line 1, he had mixed emotions of joy, excitement, and pride.

Overseas Vietnamese admire the changes in Ho Chi Minh City from the metro

“Ho Chi Minh City now has a completely different appearance compared to the day I left. It has a new life, more vibrant than before. Metro Line 1 seems a bit short, I hope that Ho Chi Minh City will continue to develop other metro lines to make the city become the Tokyo of Vietnam” – Mr. Phuong said.

After visiting and experiencing Metro Line 1, the overseas Vietnamese delegation will participate in local connection activities in Thu Duc City.

On January 2nd, the delegation, together with State President Vo Van Thuong, will offer incense and flowers to President Ho Chi Minh, President Ton Duc Thang, and release carps.

In the artistic exchange program at Thong Nhat Hall, State President Vo Van Thuong will deliver Tet greetings to all overseas Vietnamese and beat a drum to inaugurate the Spring festival.

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