Foreign investors have net bought trillions in the past week, with one stock being aggressively accumulated over 1,100 billion dong

However, the main buying force comes from negotiated transactions with a surge of over a trillion at a UPCoM exchange, while the rest is sold on the order matching channel.


After a slight adjustment last week, selling pressure continued to dominate the stock market in the week of January 29th to February 2nd. The highlight of the week was the Wednesday trading session, which experienced significant correction pressure with trading volume surpassing 1 billion USD. VN-INDEX then recovered well to the 1,160 level with many stocks still surpassing the recent peak price. At the end of the week, VN-Index stood at 1,172.55 points, a decrease of 0.27% compared to the previous week.

Notably, foreign trading activities continued to be a bright spot. Foreign investors continued to disburse funds to purchase Vietnamese stocks with a value of nearly 1,320 billion VND, however, the majority of their buying force came from off-market transactions with trading volume exceeding thousands of billion VND in one UPCoM stock, while the rest were net selling on the matching order channel.

Looking at each exchange for the week, foreign investors were net sellers of 11 billion VND on HoSE, net buyers of 1 billion VND on HNX, and net buyers of 1,328 billion VND on the UPCoM market.

Breaking down each stock, AIC construction stock on the UPCoM market was surprisingly the most strongly bought by foreign investors with 1,147 billion VND. Following that, PNJ and SSI stocks continued to be net bought with 295 billion VND and 257 billion VND respectively after 5 trading sessions of the past week. Foreign investors also made strong net purchases in HPG and PDR stocks with 192 billion VND and 176 billion VND. Net buying force for the past week was also recorded in STB, AAA, NVL,…

On the flip side, net selling pressure was seen in the Vingroup stock group, in which VRE stock was the most strongly net sold in the past week with a value of 438 billion VND, followed by VHM and VIC with net selling of 158 billion VND and 122 billion VND respectively. The net selling list also includes VNM, which was net sold with a value of 323 billion VND; and LPB stock, which was net sold with 122 billion VND.

PC1 stock was also net sold by foreign investors with nearly 120 billion VND, followed by KDC with net selling of 107 billion VND. The net selling list of foreign investors in the past week also included BID, SAB, SHS,…

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