Foreign investors sell nearly 300 billion VND in the final trading session of the week, while strongly accumulating a real estate stock in the opposite direction.

In a fierce market session, foreign trading is a negative factor with net selling across all three exchanges.


The stock market witnessed a back and forth movement in the last trading session of the week. VN-Index ended the session on February 2nd, down 0.47 points (0.04%) to 1,172 points. Liquidity improved quite well compared to the previous session with a trading value of nearly 18,000 billion VND on HOSE. Foreign investors trading was a negative factor as they net sold 278 billion VND across the market.

On HOSE, foreign investors net sold with an approximate value of 210 billion VND.

On the buying side, the net buying focus was PDR stock with a value of 154 billion VND. Following that, NVL and MWG were also net bought with values of 91 billion VND and 60 billion VND respectively. Besides, DIG and SSI were also in the net buying list on HoSE with 33 billion VND and 27 billion VND.

On the contrary, VNM suffered the strongest selling pressure from foreign investors with a value of 80 billion VND, PC1 and VPB were the next two stocks to be sold with 54 billion VND and 42 billion VND respectively.

On HNX, foreign investors net sold with a value of 62 billion VND

On the buying side, CEO was the most strongly net bought with a value of 7 billion VND. Besides, MBS ranked next in the list of strong net buyers on HNX with 4.3 billion VND. In addition, foreign investors also net bought DHT, IVS, VCS with not too large values.

On the contrary, SHS was the stock that suffered the strongest net selling pressure from foreign investors with a value of 56 billion VND; followed by IDC which was sold approximately 4.7 billion VND.

On UPCOM, foreign investors net sold over 6 billion VND

On the buying side, VEB shares were bought by foreign investors with a value of 0.3 billion VND, similarly, LTG and ACV stocks were both net bought with a few hundred million VND per share.

MCH was heavily net sold today with about 4 billion VND; besides, they also net sold at QNS, VTP, NAB,…

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