Gold prices surge to nearly 79 million dong per tael ahead of Tet, investors make huge profits.

After dropping sharply from 80.5 million VND per tael to 74 million VND per tael at the beginning of the year, SJC gold price has been showing signs of recovery recently. On February 2nd, the price of gold continued to rise significantly and reached nearly 79 million VND per tael.


Specifically at Saigon Jewelry Company (SJC), the SJC gold price is listed at 76.4-78.7 million dong per tael, increasing by about 500 thousand dong per tael compared to yesterday. From the beginning of the week until now, the gold price here has increased by about 2 million dong per tael.

Similarly, at Phu Nhuan Jewelry Company (PNJ), the SJC gold price increased by about 400 thousand dong per tael to 76.4-78.7 million dong per tael. DOJI Group adjusted to 76.25-78.65 million dong per tael. Bao Tin Minh Chau increased to 76.5-78.6 million dong per tael.

Today, 24k plain gold ring prices also increased significantly. Specifically, Bao Tin Minh Chau listed at 64.58-65.68 million dong per tael. DOJI increased to 64.1-65.3 million dong per tael.

In the international market, spot gold price on the evening of February 1 (Vietnam time) increased by about 20 USD/ounce to 2,065 USD/ounce. Currently, the price of this precious metal has adjusted down to 2,054 USD/ounce. Converted at the VND/USD exchange rate, the world gold price is equivalent to 61 million dong per tael.

According to the latest survey from the London Bullion Market Association, although the start of the new year was relatively slow, after reaching an annual record price in 2023, analysts believe that the potential of this precious metal will achieve another record this year.

The survey shows that analysts have different views on the main driving forces for gold prices this year. According to the results, 25% believe that the monetary policy of the United States is the most important factor; at the same time, 22% believe that central bank demand or geopolitical risks will drive prices.

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