Great Opportunities Await in the Year of the Wood Rat 2024: Auspicious Groundbreaking, Grand Openings, and Prosperity All Year for Homeowners

According to Pham Cuong, a feng shui expert, the two best ages to choose for ground-breaking and opening ceremonies in 2024 are Kỷ Dậu (1969) and Quý Dậu (1993).


Incense or so-called house incense is the cultural beauty of the Vietnamese people from ancient times to the present. Our ancestors believed that if everything went smoothly at the beginning of the year, that year would be lucky and successful in everything.

Also according to popular beliefs, after New Year’s Eve, everything unfortunate has passed; and everything becomes a fresh start. Looking forward to a prosperous and beautiful new year. Therefore, the first person to step into the house is often called “the person who burns incense” – the ambassador who will open the door to fortune, bring luck and peace to the owner.

Therefore, for many people, the belief of the first person to burn incense at the beginning of the new year is very important. The choice of age to burn incense, sweep the house also varies greatly in each family. There are many families that choose age very carefully and meticulously, but there are also families who burn incense themselves or simply choose someone with good morals…

Regarding feng shui beliefs, according to feng shui experts, the first person to burn incense must have an age that matches the heavenly stem and earthly branch of the year and does not clash with the age of the owner.

Feng shui expert Pham Cuong.

In our exchange, feng shui expert Pham Cuong said that in 2024, the year of Giap Thin has the heavenly stem Giap and the earthly branch Thin. Therefore, when choosing the age to burn incense, open a business, and inaugurate a company, it is necessary to choose ages with heavenly stems and earthly branches that are compatible with the heavenly stem and earthly branch of the year. For the heavenly stem, we will have Giap compatible with Ky, and the earthly branch Thin compatible with Dau. Therefore, the ages with the heavenly stem Ky and the earthly branch Dau will be the most compatible for burning incense and opening a business in the year of Giap Thin.

In summary, there are some good ages like Dinh Dau (1957), Ky Hoi (1959), Ky Dau (1969), Tan Dau (1981), Ky Ty (1989), Quy Dau (1993), Ky Mao (1999), At Dau (2005)…. Among them, the ages Ky Dau and Quy Dau will be the best.

“In addition, when choosing the person to burn incense and open a business, you need to find someone who is in good health, cheerful, optimistic, and friendly. Only then can it bring positive atmosphere to the owner on the first day of the new year, contributing to attracting luck, fortune, and good luck throughout the year,” said expert Pham Cuong.

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