How to Invest Year-End Bonuses for Maximum Efficiency?

As the end-of-year bonus comes in, many individuals are opting to save for their financial goals in the new year. The flexibility of technology has made online saving increasingly popular, especially among younger generations, as an alternative to traditional saving methods.


During the Tet holiday of the Year of the Horse, by simply opening a savings account at the counter from VND 10 million or more, or depositing savings online from VND 1 million on the ACB ONE app, you will have a chance to receive lucky gifts from ACB worth over 700,000 with a total value of up to VND 50 billion.

Countless reasons to save

Speaking about the activity of saving at the beginning of the year, many young people aim to save in order to receive “luck”. “I like the feeling of being abundant when I step into the new year and immediately have a savings for myself. Whether it’s a small or large amount, it brings inspiration for prosperity and luck in the coming year.” – Bao Anh, a young financial expert from SSI, shared.

Saving is also a good financial preparation to start smoothly for the next goals in the new year. For example, Kim Ngan, an employee of a consumer goods company, opened an online savings account for VND 50 million on ACB ONE as soon as she received the year-end bonus. According to Ngan, this is not only a way to manage income but also a motivation for her to strive even harder.

The flexibility of technology nowadays shows that online savings is becoming more and more popular, not inferior to traditional savings. Users can easily deposit savings anytime, anywhere with just a mobile phone. With various deposit terms – daily, weekly, and monthly, customers can choose to deposit money for a flexible number of days depending on their needs.

For business customers with idle cash flow for business needs, they also choose to deposit money with short terms to optimize the available cash flow.

Deposit savings at ACB, gifts that can’t be resisted

In the current context, deposit savings or fixed deposits are still a safe choice to protect personal and business cash flows. Customers will choose a reliable bank to feel more secure in the long term with their savings investments. In response to that trust, banks usually have programs to show gratitude to customers with many valuable gifts.

ACB has recently launched the “Tet with ACB: Gifts that can’t be resisted” program with a total value of up to VND 50 billion, including attractive promotional gifts for customers depositing savings, borrowing, and payment along with grateful gifts for loyal customers on the occasion of Lunar New Year.

Accordingly, if you log in for the first time to the account on the ACB ONE Digital Banking app and deposit online with an amount as low as VND 1 million, you will immediately receive a lucky scratch card. The prize can be the latest iPhone 15 ProMax, or E-vouchers worth up to VND 500,000, ACB Rewards points worth up to 1,000 points, helping you exchange for a variety of gifts from the gift store on the ACB ONE app.

For customers who regularly transact directly at the counter, the bank has specially designed a program where 100% of transactions receive gifts. Just by opening a savings account at the counter from VND 10 million or more, you will participate in the lucky draw to win one of the gifts such as Dai Phat Thanh Long red envelope set, special edition Minh Long premium porcelain set, tens of thousands of E-voucher lucky money, or attractive technology prizes like the iPhone 15 ProMax.

With the message “Tet with ACB: Gifts that can’t be resisted”, in addition to the daily lucky draw, ACB also increases the chance to receive gifts for customers with a series of periodic lucky draw prizes. Every time you deposit new savings at the counter or online from VND 100 million, you will be issued lucky draw codes. The more transactions you make, the more lucky draw codes you receive, giving you the chance to win the highest prize up to billions of VND. Specifically, two special prizes are Mercedes cars (C-class), two first prizes are 3.4-tael PNJ Gold, and six second prizes are Visa debit cards worth VND 100 million/card. The lucky draw program will take place on the Wealth God Day – February 19, 2024, and the Double Day – April 4, 2024.

Refer to the information, participation rules, and seize the opportunity to quickly receive gifts from the “Tet with ACB: Gifts that can’t be resisted” program, customers can visit the website Customers will have more chances to win E-vouchers from VND 10,000 to VND 100,000 from the cute Blue Dragon, as they overcome exciting challenges together, with the game “Flying high to welcome luck”.


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