Maximize highway speed to 90 km/hr

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) has recently issued a communication to relevant units regarding the adjustment of operating speeds for divided-investment expressways designed with 4 motorized vehicle lanes and a median barrier (2 lanes for each direction).


Specifically, 8 sections of 4-lane expressways can be operated with a maximum speed of 90 km/h, instead of the current 80 km/h for cars, 30-passenger buses, and 3.5-ton trucks, which the Ministry of Transport has agreed to increase the speed including: Mai Son – Highway 45, Highway 45 – Nghi Son, Nghi Son – Dien Chau, Dien Chau – Vot Beach, Nha Trang – Cam Lam, Cam Lam – Vinh Hao, Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet, Lao Cai – Kim Thanh.

Highway QL45 – Nghi Son.

The Department for Management of Investment and Construction (Ministry of Transport) is responsible for directing the Project Management Boards and investors of phased investment expressway projects with 4-lane vehicles separated by a median (also known as limited 4-lane expressway) to review the currently managed and temporarily exploited routes, inspect the technical factors to ensure compliance with the specified operating speed of 90 km/h; adjust the operating speed in the traffic organization plan, and submit it to the Vietnam Road Administration for approval.

The process of adjusting speed limit signs must ensure the necessary technical solutions for synchronized and safe operation.

For the Cao Bo – Mai Son expressway section of 15 km, due to the 4 bridges without continuous rigid separator strips, unable to meet the required acceleration distance, the operating speed has not been adjusted until the road section is upgraded and expanded to meet the technical requirements.

In order to implement the effectiveness of Official Letter No. 10/2024 of the Prime Minister on strengthening measures to ensure traffic order and safety during the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Horse and Spring Festival of 2024, the Ministry of Transport requires agencies and units to direct investors and management units to adjust the speed for the phased investment expressway routes that are eligible for completion before the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Horse 2024.

Previously, the proposal was made to the Ministry of Transport, and the Vietnam Road Administration reviewed sections of expressways including My Thuan 2 Bridge and approach roads on both sides; My Thuan – Can Tho; Trung Luong – My Thuan; Tuyen Quang – Phu Tho, which have been invested by the Ministry of Transport, the People’s Committees of Tien Giang province and Tuyen Quang province with 4 motor lanes, a rigid median separator dividing two directions of traffic, and allowing operation with a maximum speed of 90 km/h until now has been operating stably.

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