Nam A Bank introduces “Ready Limit – Business Breakthrough” promotion

The end of the year is a golden time for customers to boost their business activities and increase sales. During this period, many banks offer special packages and implement various solutions to enhance customers' access to capital, helping them prepare for the upcoming Lunar New Year and strengthen their production and business activities.







In addition, banks have also developed features with a variety of utilities for customers to proactively manage their business activities effectively.

Series of incentives from the loan program “Ready limit – Business breakthrough”

According to that, Nam A Bank has just launched the loan program “Ready limit – Business breakthrough” with many attractive incentives to accompany individuals doing business , business households, retail traders increase capital to boost production and business activities, meet the demand for goods into the market in the occasion of the Year of the Rat 2024.

In order to facilitate easy access to the program’s capital source, Nam A Bank has “designed” this comprehensive financial solution package with quick loan procedures, simple documents, and free commitment.

Specifically, the preferred competitive interest rate for the program is only from 8.2% / year. In particular, customers are reduced by an additional 1.2% / year in lending interest rates when meeting conditions for customer introduction and / or transfer of transaction funds to payment accounts at Nam A Bank.

The bank also waives the fee for issuing payment guarantees, specifically the fee is only 0.07% / month for guaranteed assets in documents with value; for real estate collateral, the fee is only 0.1% / month.

Especially to facilitate customers’ use and optimize capital sources, Nam A Bank commits not to charge multiple types of fees such as: not applying fees for appraising third-party collateral assets, not charging withdrawal commitment fees, no fees for managing account sales volume, …

Besides, when participating in the promotional program “Welcome Spring and Blossoming – Perfecting”, customers are offered a discount on credit limit reserve fees for the nearest fee collection period, with a discount of up to 10% compared to the fee according to regulations.

Receive benefits when registering as a QRCode payment acceptance point

QRCode payment is considered one of the modern payment methods without using cash and cards, and promises to become a preferred choice of many customers thanks to its convenience, time savings and high safety.

To replicate this cashless solution, while encouraging business households to use QRCode payments, customers who register as QRCode payment acceptance points will receive a series of incentives. Customers are given a beautiful account number as the phone number of the QRCode point owner; gift an array of QRcode publications for payment (Tentcard, Sticker, …).

Along with that, Nam A Bank also provides free account management, no need to maintain a minimum balance, free online transactions on Open Banking … to increase sales, easy management of income and expenses on Open Banking.

End of year, relaxed with the Merchant Management feature

With many outstanding utilities, advanced technology integration, maximum management performance, the merchant management feature solution on the Open Banking application will help customers optimize operating costs, increase efficiency. activities, especially busy business period at the end of the year.

Many outstanding utilities are integrated by Nam A Bank on Open Banking.

This tool will become a useful assistant to help merchants effectively manage business operations with VietQR Code payment transactions. With outstanding features such as: create a point of sale and QR code according to the account; will help manage revenue efficiently; real-time revenue recognition, proactive working capital; sharing account balance fluctuations with many employees to create flexibility and convenience in management …

Not only that, the new GPS feature of the feature will allow merchants to add the location of each point of sale and publicly share point of sale information on the map from readily available information on Open Banking. This helps customers easily find the location of the point of sale on the map, from which the merchant can easily target potential customers, enhance trust and quickly respond to customer feedback on the map.

Nam A Bank has and is bringing superior payment features, cashless with Open Banking with the desire that customers will experience the most convenience and flexibility in operations. Nam A Bank hopes to continuously improve the financial experience for customers: saving time, effort, minimizing risks, as well as ensuring safety, information security when making payments.

“With a series of incentives and utilities deployed by Nam A Bank, it will maximize the needs of customers in the peak Tet season, help customers proactively business plans, optimize costs, increase efficiency. The bank will continue to accompany customers through a series of flexible solutions according to the common orientation of the Government and the SBV,” said a representative from Nam A Bank. < / div>

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