Over $18 trillion roads in Binh Duong will feature two rest stops

In addition to calculating land use adjustments, Binh Duong province is planning to acquire additional land to build two rest stops along the Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 4. The project has a total investment capital of over 18,000 billion VND for the section passing through Binh Duong province.


On February 1, representatives from the Planning and Investment Department of Binh Duong Province announced that the Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 4 project, section from Thu Bien Bridge to Saigon River (phase 1), is being invested under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.

The project aims to facilitate connectivity of the region and enhance the efficiency of the existing expressways and national highways that have been implemented to promote investment and connect transportation between Long Thanh International Airport and provinces and cities in the Southern Key Economic Zone.

However, based on the practical implementation of the investment decision, there have been some changes regarding the scale of land clearance and land use area… Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the investment decision of the project to ensure the legal basis for implementation.

Meanwhile, representatives from the Provincial People’s Council of Binh Duong mentioned that the adjustment and supplementation of the investment decision for the Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 4 project aims to maximize the traffic capacity of the ring road and minimize its impact on the lives of people in the project area.

Accordingly, it is necessary to include the clearing of approximately 0.6 hectares of land at Thu Bien Bridge as part of the land clearance component 1. In addition, there will be the addition of 2 rest stops (one in each direction) in the project according to the Prime Minister’s direction, resulting in the clearance of approximately 5 hectares of land for the 2 rest stops in the component 1.

Furthermore, the projected land usage needs to be adjusted from around 419.6 hectares to approximately 279 hectares, due to actual surveys of some completed and compensated investment sections.

The location where Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 4 intersects National Road 13 has been fully invested by Binh Duong Province.

The Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 4 construction project consists of 2 components (land clearance and construction). The project has a total investment of approximately 18,247 billion dong and is expected to be implemented from 2023 to 2026.

The project will be carried out in Bac Tan Uyen district, Tan Uyen City, Thu Dau Mot City, and Ben Cat Town; the project is scheduled to start construction in 2024. The planned route, scale, and starting point of the project will be at the intersection of Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 4 and Thu Bien Bridge in Thuong Tan commune (Bac Tan Uyen district); the ending point will be in front of Phu Thuan Bridge in An Tay commune (Ben Cat Town), with a total length of approximately 47.85 kilometers.

Detailed route of Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 4 through Binh Duong Province

Starting from Thu Bien Bridge in Thuong Tan commune (Bac Tan Uyen district, Binh Duong Province), the basic route follows the current Thu Bien – Dat Cuoc road, intersects with DH.411 road, newly constructed route passing through VSIP III Industrial Park, intersects with DT.747 road in Hoi Nghia ward, intersects with Ho Chi Minh City – Chon Thanh Expressway (planned), intersects with DT.742 road at the existing interchange, runs simultaneously with road 17-VSIP IIA, then it continues on the newly constructed route intersecting with the Dĩ An – Lộc Ninh railway (planned), intersects with DT.741 road in Hoa Loi ward, connects with the existing Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 4 to Thoi An bridge, follows the existing road DT.748 and the newly constructed DT.744 road at An Tay commune, and finally follows the planned route to Saigon River at Phu Thuan Bridge.

The expressway has a scale of 4 lanes with a design speed of 100 km/h; it is a Grade I transportation infrastructure.

The land clearance is fully implemented with a road width of 74.5m and 8 high-speed lanes, including continuous emergency lanes; the segment from Dat Cuoc (DH.411 road) to VSIP IIA has a land clearance scale of 62m; the segment from Thu Bien Bridge to Dat Cuoc (including the Thu Bien Bridge interchange in Binh Duong Province) has been implemented in another project and is not included in this project.

Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 4 section coinciding with the existing tạo lực road has already been invested.

The complete investment of a scale of a 4-lane expressway including continuous emergency lanes; the segment from DT.742 road to Thoi An bridge maintains the existing investment (scale of 62m, 10 lanes), and the segment from VSIP IIA Industrial Park to My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park is synchronously invested following the scale of 62m, 10 lanes. The investment will allocate interchanges, intersections, and construction of parallel roads on both sides of the route to ensure the technical factors of the expressway and connect the transportation in the area according to the local development situation. Some intersections will be handled using appropriate overpasses or underpasses.