Trương Gia Bình to oversee operations of Vietnam Semiconductor Chip Development Committee

Recently, VINASA made the decision to establish the Vietnam Semiconductor Chip Industry Development Committee in order to gather experts, businesses, and partners to promote the development of the Semiconductor industry in Vietnam.


In 2023, the global economy as a whole and Vietnam in particular are facing many major challenges. However, Vietnam still maintains a high GDP growth rate of over 5%. According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, the ICT industry reached over 3.3 quadrillion VND, only increasing by 1.49% compared to 2022, and much lower than the overall economic growth. This indicates that digital technology businesses have had to face a very difficult year.

In that context, VINASA has made a lot of efforts to not only complete the set plans but also promote activities to enhance connectivity, develop the market, and support member businesses, thereby enhancing the position of Vietnam’s IT industry in the international arena.

In 2024 and the following years, in addition to the annual activities, VINASA has unified 4 strategic directions for the activities of the Association and member businesses in the coming time as follows:

1. Participate in promoting the semiconductor industry

Vietnam is emerging as the most attractive destination in the world for the semiconductor industry. The biggest names in the global Semiconductor ecosystem have chosen Vietnam for investment in activities from research and development (R&D) to production and manufacturing, such as Nvidia, Intel, Samsung, Apple, Foxconn, Amkor, Synosys, etc. The Vietnamese government is also making great efforts to build policies and prepare resources to position Vietnam as one of the leading semiconductor industrial centers in the world. In addition, in the context of businesses worldwide speeding up the digital transformation race, there is a huge demand for semiconductors in all industries and fields.

Realizing that the semiconductor industry will bring many opportunities for Vietnamese digital technology businesses in general and VINASA members in particular, especially in the stages of Design, Testing, and Cooperation with international businesses. VINASA decided to establish the Vietnam Semiconductor Industry Development Committee under the Association to gather experts, businesses, and partners to promote the development of the semiconductor industry in Vietnam through activities such as human resources development training, spreading knowledge and experience, connecting cooperation and R&D, thus forming a force of businesses, experts participating in the global semiconductor development ecosystem; lobbying and connecting with authorities at all levels, creating incentives for domestic and foreign investors, contributing to promoting the semiconductor industry in Vietnam.

The Chairman of VINASA’s Board of Founders, Chairman of FPT Corporation Truong Gia Binh will directly participate in and direct the activities of the Committee.

2. Digital Transformation – Green Transformation (Green Digital Transformation)

ESG is a trend and topic of concern in the next stage, especially when the world is shifting towards tightening policies on carbon reduction and aiming for Net-Zero. Leading the way are the Americas and Europe with cross-border carbon regulation policies CBAM and are gradually having a widespread impact on the Asian region. The Vietnamese government has also pledged to reduce emissions by 43.5% by 2030 and achieve Net-Zero by 2050. According to PwC’s report on Vietnam’s ESG readiness in 2022: 88% of businesses are committed to reducing emissions in the next 2-4 years, however, 71% are not confident in ESG capabilities, 56% of businesses need consultants and auditors for ESG. There is a large wave of green capital transition. Leading banks are switching to green, prioritizing green credit portfolios (VPB, LVP, TPB, …). Leading companies (Vinamilk, Vinfast, Unilever, P&G, Pepsi, etc.) see ESG as a companion goal with business strategy.

Green digital transformation is the next wave that tends to develop rapidly and has a global impact, aiming for sustainable development. This is a new market that technology businesses need to fully understand, quickly transform to catch up with new trends, not only green conversion for businesses but also consulting conversion for customers and partners to meet global market demands, as well as contribute to fulfilling the commitment of the Vietnamese Government’s leaders. To timely adapt to the ESG transformation wave, in 2024, VINASA will coordinate to develop specific plans and orientations to provide support activities for businesses that need to access standards, systems, arrange solutions, cooperation to connect them into a Solution set, promoting Green and Digital growth strategies, and contributing to sustainable development.

3. Innovation Hub

In order to promote innovation and sustainable development of Vietnamese businesses, VINASA aims to gather resources, especially experts, technology, and capital to establish an Innovation Hub. The task in the coming time is to bring true value to society and people through training, connection, and promotion of innovation in Vietnamese businesses, cooperation between businesses with institutes, schools, establish programs to create innovative startups, build a mentor network, connect with funds, investors, establish shared laboratories, etc.

4. Digital Trust

It is the activity of assessing, certifying the credibility, experience, and capability of individuals, organizations operating in the technology area, and providing products and services in the digital environment. VINASA aims to cooperate with relevant units and organizations to build and deploy a new service – Digital Trust – to help people, businesses, organizations find reliable service providers, solutions, build trust for consumers, promote healthy development in the digital age, and contribute to domestic and international business growth for Vietnamese businesses.

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