VinFast slashes rental prices for VF 8 in the US.

VinFast's recent price adjustment has made the VF 8 one of the most affordable new car models available for lease in the US market.


According to Cars Direct, VinFast’s electric SUV, the VF 8, now has affordable rental prices in the US market. Specifically, with the new offer from the company, which lasts until the end of January, the monthly rental price for the VF 8 is reduced to only $249 for 36 months, with a deposit of only $944. As a result, the actual rental price is now only $275 per month, a 48% reduction from the original price.

Prior to this offer, the VinFast VF 8 was available for rent at $399 per month for 36 months, with a deposit of $4,594. Therefore, the actual total rental cost was $527 per month.

With the new rental price, VinFast’s electric SUV becomes one of the most affordable rental options in the US market at the moment. Cars Direct revealed that this new VF 8 rental package includes a $7,500 tax incentive and a $15,349 cash discount.

Currently, VinFast has not provided a specific reason for this significant price reduction. However, according to the Carsscoop website, this could be a strategy to boost VF 8 sales in the US.

As of early 2023, VinFast has imported nearly 3,000 VF 8 cars to North America, but the actual sales volume is believed to be very low. According to data from Experian, only 128 VF 8 cars were registered from January to May 2023, while the number of cars sold in the second half of the year has not been announced.

In addition to the rental price reduction, VinFast has also announced a series of policies to ensure customer rights when purchasing the VF 8, including a $100 refund in case of any inconvenience that does not affect the use of the car.

In the event that the car is unable to operate, the company will refund $300. If it takes more than 3 days to repair the car, customers will receive an additional $100 for each day the car is under maintenance.

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