Why did Hoang Nam Tien leave FPT Telecom for FPT University? Always making controversial statements.

Mr. Hoang Nam Tien is renowned for his inspiring speeches and "storm-causing" statements.


At the beginning of 2023, FPT Corporation (stock symbol: FPT) announced a surprising development when Mr. Hoang Nam Tien stepped down from his position as Chairman of FPT Telecom to become Vice Chairman of the FPT University Council.

According to FPT, with this decision, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien is expected to help FPT’s education organization to have new developments in the future, as he is a leader with many bold ideas and contributions to career guidance, as well as support for the younger generation.

In an interview with us, Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, CEO of FPT, said that this is a move to develop FPT’s education sector.

The CEO of FPT further stated that Mr. Hoang Nam Tien is an inspiring individual who can help FPT in training new business leaders for Vietnam.

Mr. Hoang Nam Tien was born in 1969 in Nghe An province, but he mainly lives and works in Hanoi. He joined FPT Corporation immediately after graduating from the IT department of Bach Khoa University in 1993.

In 1995, Mr. Tien was appointed Deputy Director of FCD Computer Distribution Center, an FPT company. Later, he was given the task of being the Head of FPT Sales Department at a young age of 26.

At the age of 32, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien decided to leave his job and went to the US for a 3-month study trip. After returning to FPT, Mr. Tien made changes and brought the sales department to a new level, making significant contributions to the company’s revenue.

Later on, he held various positions at FPT such as CEO of FPT High-Tech Park Development Co., Ltd (2007-2012), CEO of FPT Distribution Company (2003-2008).

In 2012, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien became Chairman of FPT Software. Under his leadership for 8 years, FPT Software achieved an average growth rate of over 30%, becoming one of the top 500 largest software companies in the world and a Top 100 global outsourcing service provider.

On March 3, 2020, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien was elected Chairman of FPT Telecom, while Mrs. Chu Thi Thanh Ha became Chairman of FPT Software.

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