Why do consumers choose Nếp Hoa sticky rice cake?

The market for bánh chưng (sticky rice cake) before Tet Nguyen Dan 2024 is incredibly vibrant with numerous brands and various price ranges. However, Bếp Hoa's bánh chưng remains the top choice for many individuals, serving as a guarantee of credibility.


Not following trends, sticking to traditional flavor

In recent years, the Tet cake market has been a race of many brands, many traditional and homemade Tet cakes…with prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands along with countless new variations such as gac sticky rice cake, salmon sticky rice cake, Waggu beef sticky rice cake, abalone sticky rice cake, fish sticky rice cake…

As an extremely traditional product, for many years, the Hoa Kitchen team has remained loyal to the flavor of traditional cakes that many generations love. However, the cakes are always made from high-quality ingredients such as fragrant glutinous rice, firm split mung beans, black pork with the appropriate proportion of lean meat and fat for a sticky filling & tiny pepper seeds, yellow intestines that are well-cooked for a fragrant chewy taste with the aroma of Phu Quoc pepper.

Although it is not very new in terms of ingredients and processing methods, Hoa Kitchen sticky rice cakes still stand out thanks to their rich and attractive flavor. It is easy to find on social media the photos of Hoa Kitchen sticky rice cakes shared by customers, with a greenish blue soft crust, a filling filled with meat & the greasy fatty layer that dissolves into each strand of meat, beans… In addition, Hoa Kitchen sticky rice cakes also offer a low-calorie brown rice sticky rice cake option.

Eye-catching packaging, suitable for gifting and offering

Impressing right from the first launch more than 4 years ago, Hoa Kitchen sticky rice cakes scored not only with their delicious taste but also with their extremely neat and beautiful packaging. The cake is vacuum-packed, with a label and placed in exquisitely designed paper boxes with Tet colors such as red, golden yellow,…along with decorative patterns that carry deep meanings.

A traditional and familiar product like sticky rice cake is elevated and rejuvenated thanks to the meticulous attention to packaging, reaching out to a younger customer group. According to the sharing of business representatives, after the launch, Hoa Kitchen was quite surprised because a large number of corporate customers ordered Hoa Kitchen sticky rice cakes as gifts, as well as many young customers choosing the product to give to partners and family members.

Ms. Viet Huong (Dong Da, Hanoi) – a familiar customer of Hoa Kitchen said: “For the past three years, my husband and I have chosen Hoa Kitchen sticky rice cake boxes to give to our grandparents, relatives, and some acquaintances. Every family needs sticky rice cake for Tet, so it is very practical to give sticky rice cake as a gift, everyone likes it, and the Hoa Kitchen cake boxes are very beautiful, luxurious, and exquisite, so it is a great choice to buy as a gift”.

Referencing on the website bephoa.vn, customers can choose a gift set of two sticky rice cakes ranging from more than three hundred thousand to over five hundred thousand dong depending on the type of cake, a fairly suitable price when customers have a need to buy gifts.

Always moving to renew itself, building a reputable brand

Although the price is higher than the general market price, Hoa Kitchen sticky rice cakes still have a loyal customer base over the years. What they find interesting is partly because the taste of the cake does not change, but the brand always creates a new feel. The Hoa Kitchen “moves” continuously to renew the sticky rice cakes – their flagship product every Tet season.

Although the old packaging is still loved and highly appreciated for its aesthetics, Hoa Kitchen completely changes the new packaging design this Dragon Year Tet season, so that customers do not feel bored. At the same time, the brand representatives also said that the company invests a lot of costs in communication, image production, and promotion of sticky rice cakes every year. This is an important factor in building a neat and active brand image, as well as creating peace of mind, satisfaction, and good impression, especially for demanding customers who have high aesthetic taste.

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