Payment Cards Still Going Strong in the World of Shopping?

Owning a credit card doesn't necessarily mean you're wealthy, but using a debit card is a way to control your spending. With a debit card, you only spend what you actually have in your wallet, which helps you keep your expenses in check. Plus, debit cards nowadays come with plenty of enticing offers!


The festival season is the shopping season!

Usually, I am quite frugal with my expenses, but as soon as I received my 13th-month salary and Tet bonus, Diem Huong (27 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) decided to spend most of this money on Tet shopping. As a Marketing employee, the most expensive part for her was buying gifts for family members and new clothes and accessories to welcome Tet.

“My income this year is not as high as last year, but I still want to reward myself after a year of hard work. Shopping and self-care make me feel happier and motivated to start the new year,” said Diem Huong.

Similarly, Trong Nghia (26 years old, Hanoi), a consultant, also plans to use the Tet bonus: “I will take my whole family to a renowned restaurant for a delicious meal and buy gifts for my parents and younger brother. In addition, I will go to Phu Quoc Island with a few friends.”

Diem Huong and Trong Nghia represent young people who believe that the beginning of the new year is an ideal time to shop, eat, and experience various services. To spend wisely and efficiently, even with a tight budget, their secret is to take advantage of payment card offers.

Smart shopping requires planning

According to Diem Huong, the first step is to make a detailed list of the money needed to be spent, from beauty care to necessary items. Next is to prioritize products and services. What to buy first, what can be bought later, where to buy at a good price, and allocate funds reasonably for each expense.

Because of using a Techcombank payment card, Huong chose to buy cosmetics and clothes on Shopee to get a discount of VND 50,000 for orders from VND 500,000. Online shopping is an optimal solution that helps save money and is suitable for a busy job with constant deadlines.

From big to small discounts, all go into the cart!!

“As a fan of a ‘cashless’ lifestyle, I always use my Techcombank payment card on trips. On my upcoming trip to Phu Quoc, I will book a flight ticket with Vietnam Airlines and hotel rooms on to get a cashback of up to 10%. With the money refunded, we can buy snacks or gifts for everyone,” said Trong Nghia.

Like Nghia, Phong Huy (30 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) also switched to payment by card for almost every transaction: “I often meet friends, clients, and attend New Year parties, so the discounts from Techcombank’s partner restaurants offer me the opportunity to enjoy luxurious services at lower costs. Whenever I drink alcohol or have to travel a lot, I will book a ride on the Be app to ensure safety and get up to 30% off.”

The salesperson also said that he has a habit of monitoring the expense chart on the Techcombank Mobile app to understand the expenses without having to take notes, from which he can balance the budget appropriately.

There is a “treasure” in the Techcombank payment card!

During the New Year festival season, payment cards are the preferred products for many young people. They are both effective tools to satisfy shopping needs and convenient for managing expenses, with numerous offers for eating, fashion, and various services.

With hundreds of diverse and reputable partners in most popular spending groups, Techcombank offers exclusive benefits for cardholders, such as VND 1.5 million off bills from VND 10 million at PNJ (valid until March 31, 2024); VND 600,000 gift when using dining, beauty, and fashion services (valid until February 22, 2024); VND 50,000 discount voucher for orders from VND 500,000 on Shopee (valid until March 20, 2024), 10% off orders from VND 200,000 on Lazada (valid until February 29, 2024), etc.

Instead of waiting for discounts and promotions from suppliers, users can now hunt for offers from the Techcombank payment card and take advantage of card privileges to double the benefits.

The Techcombank payment card issued by Techcombank has won prestigious awards from the international organization VISA. With hundreds of partners in most popular spending groups, Techcombank payment cards bring attractive benefits. You can register for a card and manage payments directly on the Techcombank Mobile digital bank.

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