Petrol price surges, RON95 exceeds 24,000 dong/liter

From 3 PM on February 1st, the price of E5 RON 92 gasoline increased by 740 dong per liter, and RON 95 gasoline increased by 760 dong per liter.


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The Ministry of Finance – Trade has just released information regarding the control of gasoline prices from 3pm on February 1st.

Accordingly, the Ministry decided to increase VND 740 per liter for E5 RON 92 gasoline to VND 22,910 per liter; increase VND 760 per liter for RON 95 gasoline to VND 24,160 per liter.

Similarly, the price of diesel increased by VND 620 per liter, to VND 20,990 per liter; kerosene increased by VND 380 per liter, to VND 20,920 per liter; mazut oil decreased by VND 590 per kg, to VND 16,080 per kg.

In this adjustment, the management agency did not allocate the price stabilization fund, nor did it use the fund for all petroleum products.

Since the beginning of this year, only the first operation session of 2024 saw a decrease in gasoline prices, the remaining 4 consecutive sessions afterwards have seen continuous increases in the past month.

Previously, in the most recent operation session (January 25), E5 RON 92 gasoline was adjusted to increase by VND 760 per liter to VND 22,170 per liter. RON 95 gasoline increased by VND 920 per liter to VND 23,400 per liter. Similarly, the price of diesel increased by VND 180 per liter, to VND 20,370 per liter.

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