48 Hours Chase for Bank Robbery Suspect in Nghe An

The suspect responsible for the audacious bank robbery in Nghe An has been apprehended after 48 hours on the run. During the interrogation, the perpetrator tried to evade responsibility, but ultimately confessed to the crime.


On February 4th, the Investigation Agency of Nghệ An Province Police is temporarily detaining Dinh Khương Linh (38 years old, residing in Nghi Liên commune, Vinh city, Nghệ An) to clarify the offense of robbery.

Dinh Khương Linh is the suspect in a robbery at a branch of a commercial bank headquartered in Cửa Lò town on the afternoon of February 1st. After 48 hours from the time of the crime, on the afternoon of February 3rd, Linh was arrested by the Nghệ An Provincial Police. The police seized a motorbike, a set of clothes, tools used by the perpetrators during the crime, and other evidence.

Suspect Dinh Khương Linh at the investigation agency

Earlier, at around 4:30 pm on February 1st, a masked man wearing a gray jacket, helmet, and riding a motorcycle recklessly stormed into the transaction office of the aforementioned bank branch, using a sharp knife and a suspected grenade to threaten and intimidate the staff in order to rob money. After stealing 46 million VND, the suspect quickly fled towards Vinh city.

Immediately after receiving the report, the Nghệ An Provincial Police established a case, mobilizing maximum forces to investigate and solve the case as soon as possible. The investigation faced many difficulties as the suspect was very cunning and constantly changed vehicles, clothes, and masks to evade the authorities.

However, with professional measures, by 4:30 pm on February 3rd, at Km 454+300, National Highway 1A in Nghi Liên commune, Vinh city, the leadership of the Nghệ An Provincial Police was present at the crime scene to directly command the contracted forces to engage in combat, set up checkpoints, and arrest Dinh Khương Linh.

During the investigation, the suspect remained defiant and refused to admit guilt. However, faced with irrefutable evidence and the sharp investigative skills of the police force, by 5:30 am on February 4th, Dinh Khương Linh had to bow his head and confess. The suspect stated that due to losses from online gambling, he accumulated debts and financial difficulties, which led to the plan of robbing a bank to obtain money to repay his debts.

Currently, the case is still being investigated by the Investigation Agency of Nghệ An Province Police to gather more information and solidify the case.

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