Avoid Out-of-Stock, Hoarding, and Disruptions in Supply Chain Leading to Price Surges

In line with the 2024 mission directive, the Government has set a goal to prevent shortages, hoarding, and disruptions in the supply chain that result in sudden price surges.


During the regular Government press conference in January 2024, the representative of the Government Office announced that the direction of tasks in 2024 is “Discipline and responsibility; Proactive and timely; Accelerating innovation; Sustainable effectiveness.”

Regular Government press conference in January 2024

Accordingly, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh requested ministries, localities to urgently complete Programs, Action Plans, and specific documents to implement Government Resolutions No. 01 and 02, directions from the Central Steering Committee, Politburo…, including:

– Focus on implementing Directive No. 26 by the Party Secretariat and Directive No. 30 by the Prime Minister, preparing favorable conditions to serve the people in welcoming a joyful, safe, economical, and efficient Lunar New Year; ensuring everyone has Tet, every family has Tet; at the same time, ensuring civilized, safe, and economical lifestyles in religious activities during the Lunar New Year and the Spring Festival 2024. Avoiding shortage, hoarding, and disruption of supply chains causing sudden price increases.

– Maintain macroeconomic stability, control inflation, and ensure major balances of the economy. Proactively conduct monetary policy in a flexible, timely, and effective manner; coordinate comprehensively, harmonize tightly with expanded, focal, and other policies. Increase revenue, save state budget expenditures; closely control overspending, public debt, government debt, and foreign debt.

– Continue to promote strong traditional growth drivers (investment, consumption, exports) and focus on promoting new growth drivers such as: (1) Strongly promote the development of 6 key economic zones according to the Party Politburo’s Resolution. (2) Seize new opportunities from the global and regional production, trade, and investment supply chain shifts, attracting investment, developing the semiconductor and component industries. (3) Attract green financial resources, preferential green credits to develop renewable energy, new energy sources such as Hydrogen. (4) Build and develop regional and international financial centers in Vietnam. (5) Organize well investment promotion, trade, and tourism activities.

– Strongly disburse public investment capital, 3 National Target Programs; accelerate planning approval. Identifying disbursing public investment capital as one of the central political tasks of 2024.

Effectively implement National Target Programs; concentrate on implementing specific mechanisms, policies that the National Assembly has adopted and effectively resolve difficulties, obstacles, and grievances of people related to new rural construction, sustainable poverty reduction, and socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas.

– Focus on resolving difficulties for production and business; promote mobilization and efficient use of resources. Continue to implement resolutely, comprehensively, and consistently policies, measures on taxation, fees, currency, trade, investment that have been issued. Drastically cut, simplify administrative procedures, business conditions; continue to improve the business environment, enhance competitiveness.

– Promote strong development in key industries and sectors. In industry: focus on solving difficulties, promoting processing and manufacturing industries, key industries; accelerate the progress of large-scale, high-tech projects with strong spillover effects; proactively implement solutions to ensure energy security, firmly avoid power shortages, fuel shortages…

In agriculture: strongly promote agricultural production, especially food, develop agricultural processing industries and high-value-added agricultural products; effectively utilize opportunities to export agricultural products, ensure national food security; resolutely remove obstacles, overcome the “yellow card” (IUU) in the fisheries sector.

In services, tourism: focus on strong development of service sectors with potential, advantages, and high application of high technology; have specific solutions to reduce transportation and logistics costs;…

– Emphasize cultural and social fields; do well in social security, ensure people’s lives; protect the environment, disaster prevention, respond to climate change.

Provide timely support solutions, stabilize workers’ lives; enhance the connection between labor supply and demand, support workers in sustainable career transition. Monitor and grasp the labor situation in industrial zones, export processing zones, economic zones, facilitate workers’ Tet holidays and return to work after Tet.

– Continuously consolidate national defense, security; maintain political security, social order, and safety; intensify the fight against corruption, negativity, waste; continue to enhance external relations, international integration.

– Strengthen the effectiveness of information, communication work, especially policy communication; fight against and refute bad, toxic information that undermines the Party, the State, and strictly handle violations. Improve the effectiveness of mass mobilization work; implement grassroots democracy principles well; consolidate the united bloc of the whole people, enhance patriotism, create a new spirit, a new driving force.

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