Building a Popular Plan that Influences People under the Land Law

At the regular Government press conference on the afternoon of February 1st, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Le Minh Ngan, provided information on the preparations for the implementation of the amended Land Law recently passed by the National Assembly.


Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Le Minh Ngan. Photo: VGP

According to Mr. Ngan, on January 18, 2024, the National Assembly officially passed the Land Law amendment. During the preparation for the Land Law amendment, the Ministry has prepared for the earliest possible implementation of the Law, provided new points of the law, reviewed and developed a plan to submit to the Prime Minister for implementation.

Among those are the implementable contents that need to be smoothly enforced. These include the organization of drafting detailed regulations for the Land Law amendment.

Regarding the contents under the jurisdiction of the Government, the Prime Minister, the Provincial People’s Committee, the Ministry has thoroughly reviewed the points and the regulations issued by the Government in detail with 9 decrees, 6 circulars, and 18 contents issued by local authorities.

In addition, functional agencies have reviewed the existing legal documents to ensure consistency with the Land Law.

To prepare and disseminate the contents of the Land Law, Mr. Ngan said that the Ministry has developed a plan to disseminate the law to all stakeholders. From there, ensure that all stakeholders understand the new points to facilitate implementation, ensure consistency, and feasibility.

Furthermore, the Ministry will allocate resources to implement the Land Law amendment, including state resources, building a national database, surveying the land resources system, maintaining the information system, land use fund to organize the implementation, resettlement, connecting the central and local land databases, etc.

Regarding the amendment to decree 44, Mr. Ngan said that the Prime Minister had issued early instructions, but this is an important content that affects finance and land prices. Therefore, the Ministry has directed local authorities to coordinate with relevant ministries to develop the best, optimal, and compatible plan to implement the decree in accordance with the Land Law. “Currently, the Deputy Prime Minister has directed for consensus to complete the last steps and implement the decree”, Mr. Ngan said.

2024 will see good disbursement of public investment

In response to the press, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Do Thanh Trung said that public investment is one of the areas that the Government and the Prime Minister have always given strong and careful instructions.

From the beginning of the term, the Government identified public investment as one of the areas that both support economic development and help overcome difficulties and bottlenecks in development.

Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Do Thanh Trung. Photo: VGP

The Deputy Minister said that this year, with a capital of VND 657,000 billion, until now, the Prime Minister has assigned the ministries, central and local agencies a total capital of about 97%, equivalent to about VND 622,000 billion, higher than the beginning of 2023.

Accordingly, the high capital allocation from the beginning of the year has been reflected in the disbursement results of January 2024. In January 2024, the disbursement including taxes according to the data from the Ministry of Finance reached 2.58%, equivalent to about VND 16,900 billion, higher than the same period last year both in relative and absolute numbers (reaching 1.8% and disbursement of VND 12,800 billion in the same period).

This result has been achieved thanks to the process of the Government and the Prime Minister being meticulous and accurately identifying problems, difficulties in each sector, field, and stage of public investment projects.

According to Deputy Minister Trung, there have been solutions that we have implemented since the beginning of the term and during the years 2021-2023 up to now, and there have been breakthrough solutions to solve the difficulties, especially institutional matters. In addition, it also focuses on addressing practical difficulties such as land, replacement materials…

“This is a prerequisite to be able to speed up and have high hopes, trust, and basis in 2024 to have good disbursement of public investment, and achieve the set goals”, Deputy Minister Trung expressed his confidence.

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