HDBank achieves a profit of VND 13,017 billion, intensifying sustainable finance and comprehensive digital transformation.

With a sustainable development strategy and effective risk management, HDBank has surpassed the fluctuations in 2023 to achieve high growth across all indicators, with its non-performing loans among the lowest in the industry.


HDBank, HOSE: HDB, announces its financial report for the fourth quarter of 2023 with all key growth indicators exceeding the shareholders’ plan. Pre-tax profit reached VND 13,017 billion, a 27% increase. The bad debt ratio was only 1.5%, with the quality indicators showing strong growth in the leading group.

With strong momentum in the fourth quarter, HDBank demonstrates high-quality growth in the leading group of the entire industry.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, HDBank recorded a pre-tax profit of VND 4,385 billion, a 95% increase compared to the same period last year. The full-year profit reached VND 13,017 billion – the highest level ever of the bank. The return on assets (ROA) reached 2% and the return on equity (ROE) reached 24.2%, both higher than the previous year and in the leading group of the entire industry. The bank proactively increased provisions to strengthen its financial buffer, ready for market fluctuations. The capital adequacy ratio (CAR) (Basel II standard) reached 12.6%, 150% higher than the banking industry’s regulations.

As of December 31, 2023, HDBank’s total assets reached over VND 602 trillion, a 45% increase compared to 2022. Deposits reached VND 537 trillion, a 46.5% increase. Consolidated credit outstanding reached VND 353 trillion, a 32% increase.

In 2023, the digital banking channel experienced strong growth in terms of both new customers and transaction volume, with increases of 107% and 88% respectively compared to the same period last year. 94% of transactions by individual customers were carried out through digital channels, significantly higher than the 77% ratio in 2022. For the first time, the number of new customers attracted through digital channels exceeded the number of new customers attracted through traditional channels.

A decade of continuous high growth, expanding to the international level.

HDBank has continuously achieved high growth in the banking industry over the past decade. The average annual compound growth rate of HDBank’s profit over the past 10 years was 49.1%.

To maintain sustainable growth momentum over the long term, HDBank is committed to a versatile retail strategy, SMEs, and consumer finance, while actively adopting the best international standards in modern banking management. HDBank pioneered the implementation of Basel II and, in 2023, upgraded to the Basel III international management standard while deploying the ESG strategy.

2023 also marked 10 years since HDBank merged with DaiABank and acquired Societe Generale Viet Finance (SGVF), the predecessor of HD SAISON. These successful financial institution restructuring projects have created a strong growth foundation for HDBank, expanding its presence to second-tier urban areas, rural areas for chain financing programs, and effectively meeting the consumer loan needs of workers without access to banking services.

Accompanying digital economic development and spreading happiness.

In addition to its vibrant business activities, HDBank also accompanies the economy with practical and meaningful programs. The bank implements many preferential loan packages with attractive interest rates to support people and businesses in economic development and contribute to reducing black credit. In addition, HDBank is at the forefront of promoting the “One Commune, One Product” (OCOP) program, supporting farmers in bringing their products to digital sales channels, applying non-cash payment methods, and implementing practical social welfare programs.

Actively fulfilling social responsibilities, in 2023, HDBank launched many meaningful programs, such as providing funding for thousands of cataract surgeries, offering health insurance cards, hundreds of scholarships, constructing hundreds of compassionate houses, promoting solidarity nationwide.

With high business results and positive contributions to the economy and society, HDBank has been honored with many prestigious awards, notably the Asean Business Awards 2023 – Digital Innovation Award selected by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council. HDBank’s Board of Directors was honored as the Board of The Year by the Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD). The bank also won two outstanding Annual Report awards and the best listed company’s Annual General Meeting organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange, Hanoi Stock Exchange, and Bao Dau Tu newspaper. HDBank was named the Best Retail Bank in Vietnam in 2023, Top 10 Trusted Banks, Top 10 Trusted and Effective Public Companies, and the Best Bank for Community Responsibility in Vietnam in 2023.