Hunt for Expensive Tet Playable ‘Vua’ Mines Causes Frenzy

The Lofty Blossom (also known as the Imperial Advancement Peach Tree) is a highly sought-after ornamental plant, especially during the upcoming Lunar New Year. Although the price of each Lofty Blossom tree is much higher compared to regular peach trees, it still attracts numerous customers.


Less than a week left until the Lunar New Year of the Mouse, on the streets of Nghe An, various types of flowers and ornamental plants are competing to show off their beauty to welcome the new year. The most striking are the “Thất Thốn” peach trees, with their vibrant red blossoms, which are being showcased and sold by gardeners to meet the demand for Tet shopping among the people.

“Thất Thốn” peach (also known as the “Vua” peach) is a very rare peach variant. In the past, only kings were allowed to enjoy this type of peach.

Different from wild peach or faded peach, the “Thất Thốn” peach grows slowly, with gnarled roots and trunk, and when it blooms, it has a very captivating dark red color.

Mr. Pham Duc Trung, owner of a Tet peach garden on Le Nin Boulevard, Vinh city, Nghe An province, said that this year, he has imported about 200 peach trees for Tet, including 20 “Thất Thốn” peach trees. “To have beautiful flowers, the ‘Thất Thốn’ peach trees must be planted for at least 5 years. This type of peach is picky. The target customers are mainly those who understand about peach trees or wealthy individuals who are willing to spend money to own them,” Mr. Trung said.

According to Mr. Trung, the price of the “Thất Thốn” peach trees varies. In addition to the age of the tree, the price depends on the shape and appearance… In the picture, a “Thất Thốn” peach tree is priced at over 30 million VND and was transported to a customer in Cua Lo town, Nghe An.

The blooming flowers are bright red. The trees are full of luck with many buds.

The trunk of the tree has many natural bulges.

Moreover, some “Thất Thốn” peach trees are covered with moss from the roots to the top, enhancing the aesthetics and value of the trees.

“Thất Thốn” peach trees covered with green moss can cost tens of millions of VND and are often pre-ordered by customers.

The “Thất Thốn” peach tree is a “temperamental” and cold-loving type, so it is widely grown in the mountainous provinces of Northwest Vietnam. Although the price of each “Thất Thốn” peach tree is much higher than that of normal peach trees, it still attracts customers during Tet.

“The value of the ‘Thất Thốn’ peach lies not only in its blossoms and luck, but also in the fact that they all have completely natural and simple shapes,” said Mr. Hoang Quan, owner of a flower garden on 72m street, Vinh city.