Lilies Cool Down Before Lunar New Year

As Tet holiday approaches, the flower and plant market becomes increasingly bustling with buyers and sellers. However, many orchid garden owners have noticed a significant drop in purchasing power in recent days compared to the same period in previous years.


Throughout many streets of Hanoi such as Lac Long Quan, Hoang Quoc Viet, My Dinh,… orchids are displayed and sold in abundance to serve the Tet holiday needs of the capital’s residents. The main type of orchids for sale are imported orchid branches from the land of thousands of flowers – Da Lat.


The orchid sellers said that the quality of flowers this year is better than previous years due to the cold weather in Hanoi, which is suitable for the characteristics and conditions of growth of this Da Lat orchid species.

The shop owners said that they have started importing orchids more than a month ago to prepare for this year’s Tet holiday. Orchid branches are “flown” from Da Lat to the capital and are skillfully shaped by professional florists to create beautiful and eye-catching flower pots.

According to Ms. Chu Ngoc Linh – manager of a flower shop in the My Dinh area, Nam Tu Liem district – “Compared to last year, the buying power up until now has decreased significantly. The high number of sellers combined with the economic downturn have dampened people’s enthusiasm for buying flowers and ornamental plants for Tet.”

On Lac Long Quan street, Mr. Minh Hung’s orchid shop still has a lot of stock. Sharing with reporters, Mr. Hung said that the price of this year’s orchids is stable compared to previous years, with some types even having lower prices than before: “If customers come to buy, they decide quickly, but there are also customers who come to bargain but overall, the percentage of successful deals is quite high. Compared to previous years, it’s not as good, only about 60-70%.”

Decrease in buyers despite the approaching Tet holiday.

Each year, many types of orchids are arranged in new and unique pots to enhance the aesthetic appeal and attract customers. This year, the type of orchids arranged on wooden boats, orchids grown on wooden logs, which feature a natural and unique look, are being sold by many garden owners. These “masterpieces” can cost hundreds of millions of VND. The price for each orchid branch ranges from 300,000 to 350,000 VND. To cater to different customer segments, orchid shops also sell small pots of orchids with prices ranging from around 1.5 to 3 million VND.

Mr. Hung said: “To take good care of the flowers and enjoy them for a long time during Tet, regular care is also necessary. Depending on the weather conditions, misting the soil to keep it moist helps the plants grow better, keeping the flowers fresh and longer-lasting. Especially, avoid directly spraying water onto the flower petals to prevent them from wilting.”

Beautiful orchid pot with fewer buyers.

Ms. Pham Thu Khuyen (47 years old) shared: “I really like orchids, so every year I buy them to display at home and in the company lobby. Like every year, I usually buy orchid pots worth around 50-80 million VND for display and gifts to partners. This year, I also plan to buy about 4 pots of orchids at that price range.”

Ground orchid.

Unlike orchids, ground orchids are highly favored this year. Along Duong Dinh Nghệ street, shops selling ground orchids are lined up. Mr. Quoc Huy (in Me Tri) said: “I just bought a medium-sized ground orchid pot to display in the living room. The orchid pot has a beautiful design and I was quite surprised that it cost only over 700,000 VND/pot. If compared to the pot I bought last year, which cost about the same, this pot is half the price.”

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