Many giants want to build a rest stop on the Mai Son – National Highway 45 expressway

After evaluating the capabilities and experience, 6 out of 7 investors have registered to invest in the construction and operation of Rest Stop Km329+700, a component project of Mai Son - National Highway 45 in the East on the North - South Expressway in accordance with the requirements.


The Rest Stop Project at Km329+700 was called for investment by the Vietnam Expressway Authority in mid-December 2023 with an expected total investment of over 210 billion dong, located in Dong Hoa commune, Dong Son district, Thanh Hoa province.

The investment scale includes a rest stop on the right side of the route with an area of 39,184 m2 and a station on the left side of the route with an area of 32,473 m2. The construction items include:

Public service works such as: parking lot; resting space; temporary restrooms for drivers; sanitation facilities; information center; organization and promotion of traffic safety communications; rescue and first aid stations for traffic accidents.

Commercial service works such as: dining and refreshment area; introduction and sale of goods; fuel station; electric vehicle charging station; vehicle maintenance and repair workshop; car wash; restaurant; entertainment area; dedicated playground for children; auxiliary facilities; other essential services to meet the needs of the people.

Supporting works such as: symbols of the local area or the rest stop; production and processing of local specialties; community activities area (trade fairs, cultural activities). Note that supporting works are encouraged for investment.

The project must be completed as a whole within 18 months from the date of contract signing, with an expected completion time of 12 months for the public service works.

After the investment information was announced, 7 investors, including consortium investors, submitted their applications. However, according to the announcement on January 26, 2024, one investor did not meet the requirements for capacity and experience set by the Vietnam Expressway Authority, which was the Consortium of Truong Xuan Trading Joint Stock Company and Tuan Hung Construction and Water Resources Corporation.

6 investors, consortiums that meet the requirements for capacity and experience

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