MB Bank: One of Vietnam’s Top 13 Outstanding Enterprises in 2023

The Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank's ranking in the Top 13 confirms its strong position in Vietnam's banking and finance industry.


The recent ceremony held in Ho Chi Minh City honored the Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) as one of the Top 20 Leading Enterprises in Vietnam and Top 13 Outstanding Enterprises in Vietnam in 2023, as part of the VNR500 Rankings. This ceremony, which marked the 17th year of the rankings, honored large enterprises that demonstrated resilience and maintained effective business operations amidst unexpected global changes and economic challenges.

The VNR500 Rankings play a crucial role in introducing Vietnamese business brands to the domestic and international business community and investors. These rankings are closely monitored by investors and the media, serving as an important indicator of a bank’s financial strength. Hence, MB’s inclusion in the Top 20 Leading Enterprises in Vietnam and Top 13 Outstanding Enterprises in Vietnam in 2023 demonstrates the trust of its customers and partners, as well as recognition from reputable organizations.

Throughout the past year, MB has experienced remarkable growth in digital transformation. The bank has consistently innovated, improved, and introduced cutting-edge products, diversifying its services and products to cater to customer needs and experiences. Simultaneously, MB has successfully achieved its business goals and maintained stable growth despite economic uncertainties.

In just over a year, MB launched its MB Hi Collection card, which is a versatile 2-in-1 card combining credit and ATM functionalities. This card allows customers to personalize their usage while ensuring safety and security. The MB Hi Collection card series represents a breakthrough for MB and contributes to the emergence of a new card trend in Vietnam, providing convenient cashless spending experiences. Moreover, the card series is attractive to customers as it does not require financial proof, and credit limits are automatically granted based on user eligibility, with higher spending leading to higher limits.

Not stopping there, MB also introduced Stellar, the first payment bracelet in Vietnam, to compete in the race with technology and digital applications. With the “MB Stellar” payment bracelet, users can confidently make purchases without the need for a smartphone or wallet. The bracelet, worn on the wrist, allows users to easily make payments at point-of-sale terminals. Additionally, the MB Stellar bracelet is integrated with a modern 2-in-1 technology chip that does not store card information or cardholder names, ensuring maximum safety and security for customers.

As global trends shift towards sustainable development and responsible business practices, MB has emerged as a pioneer in applying ESG (environmental, social, governance) principles to its business operations in Vietnam. Since 2017, MB has focused on ESG activities and committed to systematically implementing its ESG strategy following international standards in 2023.

MB’s constant initiatives in innovation, improvements, and the introduction of high-tech products, as well as its focus on customer needs and experiences, have earned it recognition in the Top 20 Leading Enterprises in Vietnam and Top 13 Outstanding Enterprises in Vietnam in 2023. This acknowledgment reaffirms MB’s solid position in Vietnam’s banking industry.

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