Multiple International Payment Benefits from PVcomBank Supporting Businesses

In order to support businesses on their journey to recovery and boost their production and business activities, PVcomBank is launching a series of financial solutions. One of these solutions includes a special promotion for international money transfer services, which will be available until mid-2024.


The data from the General Statistics Office shows that Vietnam’s total import-export turnover in 2023 decreased by nearly 7% compared to last year, estimated at only about 700 billion USD. Despite recording some positive recovery signals in the last quarter of the year, domestic businesses, especially import-export enterprises, still have to bear significant impacts due to the continuous fluctuations in exchange rates, high input material import costs, difficulties in accessing loan interest rates, and global macroeconomic fluctuations.

As one of the leading financial institutions accompanying businesses, in addition to preferential loan packages to support timely capital supplementation, PVcomBank also applies many fee exemption and reduction policies, notably the promotion program for international remittance services until June 30, 2024 for corporate customers in the field of trade financing and import-export.

Import-export businesses receive PVcomBank’s free international transfer service for the first 3 international transfers

Specifically, businesses operating in the import-export sector using international payment services will be exempt from PVcomBank’s transfer fees for the first 3 international transfers, and a 50% reduction for subsequent transfers. For domestic payment service fees, PVcomBank offers a 50% reduction in cash transaction fees, domestic transfers, and counting fees. These incentives apply to new customers who do not have a CIF at PVcomBank, open an account, and have at least 1 international payment transaction during the program. At the same time, businesses also receive a free beautiful payment account (VND or USD) from PVcomBank.

For corporate customers in trade financing, PVcomBank also applies a 50% reduction in credit letter fees and charges for international transfers, both for new and existing customers on “golden days” every Wednesday.

Due to the frequent international transactions in business operations, Ms. Lien (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) – the owner of a company trading in spare parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles, has decided to choose the combo package (BizBlock) of PVcomBank after estimating the sales value that her company needs to transact in the period.

This is a financial solution provided by PVcomBank to optimize the operation efficiency and flexibly meet the needs of corporate customers. With the upfront payment combo package, Ms. Lien’s company can make unlimited international transfers within the period, enjoy a 60% discount compared to the fee schedule, thereby saving tens of millions of VND each month, and optimizing operating costs in the current period.

PVcomBank’s financial solutions flexibly meet the needs of corporate customers

Similar to Ms. Lien, Mr. Duc (Dong Da, Hanoi) also chooses PVcomBank’s international transfer service under the time combo package (BizMax3612). “Entering the new year 2024, my company also plans to import more goods to diversify product models for customers and serve the market. I have chosen the BizMax6 combo package, with unlimited transfers both in terms of number of times and amount within a 6-month period, saving costs, and facilitating quick and convenient international payments whenever needed,” Mr. Duc shared.

Through a series of flexible incentive policies and combo designs, PVcomBank not only provides tailor-made products and services to meet the needs of each segment of corporate customers but also creates favorable conditions for businesses to proactively choose and use, optimizing operating costs in the field of international payments. Moreover, the bank’s continuous simplification of procedures and documents also significantly helps businesses complete international transactions as soon as possible.

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