Petrovietnam and PVcomBank collaborate with Hanoi City to organize an artistic light show featuring 2,024 drones

Welcoming the Year of the Rat 2024, Petrovietnam, PVcomBank, together with Hanoi City People's Committee and Tay Ho District People's Committee, are organizing a dazzling light show called "Hanoi Art Light Festival - Thang Long Shining" on the eve of Lunar New Year. This will be the largest drone performance ever seen in Southeast Asia up until now, with a total of 2,024 unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) illuminating the night sky.


With the theme “A Day in the Capital – Thousand Years of History,” the drone performance will be a unique artistic light spectacle that captures the essence of the Thang Long land, providing a special and meaningful experience for both locals and visitors on New Year’s Eve.

The Hanoi Art Light Festival – Brilliant Thang Long is showcased by 2,024 unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) on New Year’s Eve.

With 2,024 drones – symbolizing the year 2024, this will be the largest drone performance in the region up to the present time (Illustrative photo).

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Huyen, representative of the PVcomBank Executive Board, stated: “PVcomBank is honored to be a part of organizing this significant program together with the City of Hanoi. ‘Brilliant Thang Long’ is not only an artistic light performance, but also a grand event in the region that we believe will leave a lasting impression on viewers and showcase the modernity, dynamism, and creativity of Hanoi, as well as the Vietnamese people in general. PVcomBank hopes that this performance will become a truly special spiritual experience for the people, connecting everyone during the moment of welcoming the new year, connecting pride, national spirit, and connecting Vietnam with the world.”

With 2,024 drones – the largest number in Southeast Asia to date, the “Hanoi Art Light Festival – Brilliant Thang Long” promises to be the most anticipated event during the 2024 Lunar New Year, contributing to affirming Hanoi’s international destination status and becoming a source of pride for the people of the capital and Vietnam as a whole.

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