TP HCM: Transfer Suspected Criminal Violation Investigation Agency

Ho Chi Minh City will intensify inspections, checks, and thorough handling of construction works that violate regulations, especially unauthorized and illegal constructions.


The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has recently issued a document to departments, committees, and branches, as well as district People’s Committees and Thủ Đức City, on strengthening fire prevention and rescue efforts for high-rise buildings, multi-unit residential areas, and rental service businesses with a high population density, as well as residential areas combined with production and business activities that pose a high risk of fire and explosion.

Ho Chi Minh City will enhance inspections of violated constructions

Accordingly, the People’s Committee has urgently requested the heads of the above-mentioned units to effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities in the state management of fire prevention and rescue in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Heads of Party Committees, leaders of agencies, organizations, and localities will be disciplined if they fail to fulfill their responsibilities in their functional areas and territories regarding fire prevention and rescue work, which may result in establishments with high fire and explosion risks operating without ensuring fire safety conditions, causing serious consequences.

The City Police Department will be responsible for strengthening inspections of establishments with high risks of fire and explosion in residential areas with a focus on densely-populated condominiums, multi-unit residential areas, and rental service business facilities, as well as residential areas combined with production and business activities that pose a high risk of fire and explosion. The People’s Committee requires strict handling of violations of the provisions of the law on fire prevention and rescue.

The Department of Construction has been assigned to strictly handle unauthorized construction projects and construction that is not in compliance (such as constructing a different number of floors compared to the construction permit, altering, renovating, filling in inter-floor openings, operating outside of designated function, etc.), which affects the work of ensuring fire prevention and rescue.

At the same time, the City People’s Committee has instructed inspection, examination, settlement, and thorough handling of violations, especially those related to unauthorized and illegal construction activities. The Department of Construction is also responsible for recommending the transfer of cases with signs of criminal law violations to the Investigative Agencies, as prescribed.