Viettel IDC Achieves Tier 4 Data Center Certification According to ANSI/TIA-942-B:2017 Standard

Viettel IDC is the first company in Vietnam to achieve the Rated-4 (Telecommunications category) requirement of the ANSI/TIA-942-B:2017 Constructed Facilities certification.


Recently, Viettel IDC’s Hoa Lac 3 Data Center has completed the evaluation and been awarded the certification for building and operating the world’s most reliable data center: ANSI/TIA-942-B:2017 Rated-3 Constructed Facilities, achieving Rated-4 in the Telecommunications category. This is the first time a domestic Data Center in Vietnam has achieved a Rated 4 level.

To achieve the ANSI/TIA-942-B:2017 Rated 3 Constructed Facilities certification, all categories of Viettel IDC’s data center including: Architecture/construction, electrical system, cooling/air conditioning system and Telecommunications/network system must be comprehensively designed, implemented and tested by top experts, meeting the most stringent and comprehensive requirements in the world to date, ensuring all data center infrastructure is always at the highest level of redundancy, security, and readiness.

Viettel IDC’s Data Center not only meets all the criteria under the ANSI/TIA-942-B Rated 3 standard, but also achieves many criteria above the level 3, especially all Telecommunications/Network System category achieving level 4 – the highest level of ANSI/TIA-942-B certification. To achieve this level 4, in addition to the ability to provide parallel operation and maintenance, the standard also requires more, the entire network system is deployed according to the 1 + 1 (2N) model, specifically as follows: There are 2 separate cable entry points into the data center, 2 cables, 2 maintenance manholes must be at least 20m apart, 2 cable entry rooms must also be designed and installed independently, ensuring at least 20m apart. Telecommunications axes, equipment rooms, and the entire network system are also designed, backed up 1 + 1 with the highest standards.

Viettel IDC’s Data Center has undergone the evaluation process of over 150 requirements, including requirements related to Telecommunications, electricity, architecture, mechanics: architectural planning, electrical infrastructure, safety measures, disaster recovery plans, network/Telecommunications, security, operational exploitation, environmental control… All components of the data center are properly evaluated to minimize risks, business interruptions, and protect customer data.

ANSI/TIA-942-B:2017 Rated-3 Constructed Facilities is awarded by Enterprise Products Integration Pte Ltd (EPI) – the world’s number one ANSI/TIA-942 certified, independent evaluation organization. This is the certification for the construction and operation of the Data Center, under the ANSI/TIA-942 standard issued by the Telecommunications Industry Association of the United States.

Representatives of Viettel IDC shared that constructing, operating and managing a safe data center system is always the top priority, as data is always considered the heart of a business. Therefore, continuously evaluating and achieving prestigious international certifications in infrastructure and management is one of the demonstrations of Viettel IDC’s effort in constantly improving its service quality.

Viettel IDC is a pioneering service provider in the Data Center market in Vietnam in terms of infrastructure and service quality. Currently, Viettel IDC’s 5 existing data centers have a total floor area of over 35,000m2, providing more than 6,000 racks; meeting stringent requirements for infrastructure, technology, and security of tens of thousands of customers from various fields: Banking, finance and insurance, securities, information technology and telecommunications, digital content services, e-commerce…

Viettel IDC’s Hoa Lac 3 Data Center will start operating in March this year.

Viettel IDC’s Hoa Lac 3 Data Center is the 6th data center of Viettel IDC, with a total floor area of 13,000 m2, providing over 2,500 racks and will start operating in March this year. This is the most modern Data Center of Viettel IDC, applying advanced, modern and sustainable technologies.

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