Cà Mau Fertilizer enters the markets of Australia and New Zealand

In the final days of the year, the leadership team and employees of Cà Mau Fertilizer and Petroleum Joint Stock Company (PVCFC, Hose: DCM) are delighted and busy preparing a high-quality batch of products to officially penetrate the demanding fertilizer markets of Australia and New Zealand. This is an encouraging signal and a testament to the export-import efforts of the Cà Mau Fertilizer brand.


To be more proactive in international business activities, Ca Mau Fertilizer Company always keeps track of the global fertilizer market. The company seeks export opportunities, no matter how small and rare they are, during the current period.

In 2023, Ca Mau Fertilizer Company faces many difficulties and challenges as raw material prices rise, fertilizer prices drop, domestic consumption is low, and fierce competition from imported fertilizers. However, the highlight of Ca Mau Fertilizer Company in 2023 is the expansion of fertilizer exports, contributing to increased revenue.

Ca Mau Fertilizer achieves the highest perfection, from product quality to services, warehouse and transportation of exported goods.

So far, Ca Mau Fertilizer products have been present in about 18 countries worldwide. The export volume in 2023 reached 344 thousand tons, accounting for about 26% of total consumption, with export value reaching $136 million, accounting for about 25% of fertilizer product revenue. Among them, Cambodia is the largest export market with more than 60% of export volume and value.

According to experts, Australia and New Zealand are among the most challenging fertilizer import markets. During the past time, Ca Mau Fertilizer has gradually improved the quality from transportation services, loading and unloading goods until they are shipped out of the factory warehouse. Ca Mau Fertilizer focuses on ensuring the best quality goods for customers with a faster loading and unloading speed compared to the general level of exporters worldwide.

In addition to seeking export opportunities for the 18 countries where Ca Mau Fertilizer products have been present since 2023, the company continues to explore and expand the export market to other countries. Among them, Australia and New Zealand are always the potential markets that the company has identified and prepared for a long time.

Currently, Ca Mau Fertilizer’s personnel are preparing for the first batch of exporting Prilled Urea products to the New Zealand market. This is a market that is ready to pay a very high price compared to other countries but has strict requirements for product quality.

PVCFC is always ready to conquer the two most demanding markets in the world, Australia and New Zealand.

At the same time, the company is also gradually completing the final procedures to import Prilled Urea products of Ca Mau Fertilizer into the Australian market. Then, PVCFC will officially conquer the two most demanding markets in the world.

A new year, a new spring begins with high-quality batches penetrating two new markets with outstanding potential. This is good news for the continuous efforts of the leadership and employees of the company, who always adapt, are flexible, and work together to create more sustainable and prosperous value.

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