Construction during Tet for the North-South high-speed project.

During the days leading up to the Lunar New Year 2024, the atmosphere on the construction site of the North-South Highway project in Quang Binh province remained bustling. The construction teams arranged for their personnel to stay at the campsite, closely following the progress and ensuring that the project stayed on schedule.


The construction unit focuses on manpower and resources to work during Tet at the Van Ninh – Cam Lo component project.

Recorded at the intersection in Van Ninh commune (Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province) within the Van Ninh – Cam Lo component project, currently, all engineers and workers from Truong Thinh Group’s construction unit are concentrating on soil pouring, leveling, and compaction to meet the schedule.

Mr. Truong Huynh, The Chief Engineer of Section 3 (Truong Thinh Corporation) said that everyone wants to go home for Tet, but because of the urgent progress of the project as well as the guidance of Truong Thinh Corporation, the workers, technical officers, drivers, and machine operators are still staying and making use of the favorable weather and available land to accelerate the construction. The construction unit has used all its manpower, vehicles, and machines to work days and nights, even during Tet, to meet the given schedule.

According to Truong Huynh, the construction unit is currently mobilizing 50 trucks for transporting soil and stone, 10 excavators, 5 bulldozers, and 20 rollers, with more than 80 workers to work before, during, and after Tet.

Representatives of the Project Management Board of Ho Chi Minh Road said that the Van Ninh – Cam Lo component project in Quang Binh province has a length of 33 kilometers, and the construction progress is currently about 24%. Responding to the Spring 2024 production campaign of the Ministry of Transport, from January 25th to the end of February 2024, the Board has sent documents to each leader of the construction contractor, specifying the required tasks and items to be completed. The contractors have also committed and urged their workers to work during Tet. Some units allow their workers to rest at the site on the 1st and 2nd day of Lunar New Year, and the rest will continue normal construction.

At the Vietnam – China intersection, belonging to the Bung – Van Ninh component project, Cienco4 Group is also maintaining many construction sites for bridges and roads, as well as carrying out asphalt paving on the N1 branch for about 200 meters. This is the first location to have asphalt paving on the entire route, assigned to this subcontractor. It is expected that in the coming time, some positions on the main route will be paved with asphalt.

Representatives of the management board of Cienco4 Group said that even though it is the Lunar New Year period, the highway construction site under their responsibility still works “3 shifts, 4 teams” like normal days. The units have arranged uniform paving on the route. To encourage their workers, engineers, and technicians, Cienco4 Group has rewarded them with 2-month salaries in advance for the year 2024, and for those who work during Tet, they will receive 300% salary.

The construction progress of the Van Ninh – Cam Lo component project of the North – South highway has reached 24%.

According to the report of Quang Binh Department of Transport, so far, the localities have handed over more than 114 out of 126 kilometers (nearly 91%) of the length of the designated sections to the project management boards, and the remaining 12.1 kilometers have not been handed over. Currently, Quang Binh province has only completed 2 out of 26 resettlement areas to relocate 551 affected households in 19 communes; completed 4 out of 13 cemeteries.

At a recent meeting with leaders of the localities, Chairman of Quang Binh People’s Committee Tran Thang stated clearly that the progress of handing over land in the province is the lowest among the localities in the project area. If Quang Binh province does not urgently push the progress, it will not meet the requirements and will affect the project.

Chairman of Quang Binh People’s Committee requested the localities to speed up the construction of resettlement areas to hand over land to people, complete cemeteries to relocate all graves. Besides, relocating technical infrastructure works and social infrastructure works… to complete compensation and clearance of the project no later than February 28.

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