Enjoy a Fulfilling Lunar New Year, Cultivate the Habit of “Drinking Alcohol, Ordering a Taxi”

Raising a toast is a distinctive feature in the dining culture of the Vietnamese and the world, especially during Tet holidays. Gatherings become complete when we enjoy ourselves at the table, celebrating and ensuring everyone's safety before heading home.


Responsible Drinking

During the New Year of 2024, the National Traffic Police fined 7,570 drivers for alcohol violations, an increase of 71% (equivalent to 3,200 cases) compared to the same period in 2023. The consequence is a “Lost Tet” because the offenders not only face administrative fines of up to 40 million VND for car drivers and 8 million VND for motorbikes, but also have their vehicles temporarily confiscated, driving licenses revoked, and no means of transportation for the Tet holiday. These unfortunate situations directly impact the festive spirit and joy of families.

Despite the strict penalties, many people still want to drive themselves home while under the influence, for sheer convenience and to show off their skills. Therefore, a trend strongly supported by the community, especially as the Lunar New Year approaches, is “Responsible Drinking” – having a good time drinking without consequences and ensuring safety on the way back.

Many people consciously avoid driving their personal vehicles when planning to socialize with friends, opting for the comfort of sharing a ride without worrying about the way home – even considering the cost of a few beers as a bargain compared to ensuring safety on the highway. Many restaurants and bars have also come up with solutions to support their customers by actively coordinating with taxi companies or ride-hailing services. This initiative benefits all parties involved – the restaurants and bars, the customers, and the transportation companies – which all share the same viewpoint of “drinking responsibly.” It contributes to raising awareness and promoting compliance with regulations prohibiting the use of alcohol while participating in traffic.

Xanh SM – The Reliable Companion

Ms. Thanh Huyen (36 years old, Binh Thanh District) shared that her husband works in business management, often having to meet with customers and partners, making it difficult to avoid alcohol consumption. However, she has complete peace of mind because both of them have agreed that if they consume alcohol, they will not drive. “If it’s possible, we will arrange for someone to come pick us up and drive our family car. But if it’s inconvenient, my husband will definitely call a taxi instead of insisting on driving,” she said.

Ms. Thanh Huyen has saved the phone number of a trusted taxi driver in her phone so that she is ready to request a ride when her husband returns home. “Over the past year, our family has become a loyal customer of Xanh SM because we both enjoy riding electric vehicles, especially after drinking. The cars are quiet, odorless, and comfortable – definitely a big plus. The drivers are also attentive and dedicated. Even if we don’t call our regular driver and book through the app, the experience is the same for all 10 rides – I am very reassured,” Ms. Huyen said.

The outstanding green color of Xanh SM vehicles is eye-catching and strictly controlled to ensure the correct identification of the car and driver. This prevents situations of renting or using vehicles for the wrong purposes, which is why many customers trust Xanh SM when booking a ride. The company also operates the premium taxi segment, Xanh SM Luxury, with VinFast VF 8 vehicles that not only optimize the transportation experience but also serve as a stylish accessory for customers attending important events and parties with confidence.

The culture of “raising the glass” becomes beautiful when the invitation takes place at the right time, right place, and for the right purpose, and the drinker takes responsibility for their own safety, providing peace of mind for their family and the community. With a diverse range of products and services, Xanh SM is a reliable partner for customers to confidently enjoy a complete Tet holiday, from parties to family gatherings.

Leading the trend of green transportation, Xanh SM has launched the “Green Tet” program, which is closely associated with green consumption and green transportation. The program offers many benefits to ensure customers can travel green during the Lunar New Year 2024:

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