The Vietnam Railway Corporation (VNR) has submitted a restructuring plan to the Ministry of Transport to manage and operate high-speed railways.

Based on international experience and labor requirements, VNR estimated that the management and operation of the North-South high-speed railway would require 8.98 personnel per kilometer.

In Phase 1 from 2027 to 2035, with the first two segments totaling 651 km, more than 5,940 personnel are projected to be needed.

In Phase 2 from 2035 to 2040, completing the remaining 894 km, more than 7,930 personnel are required.

By 2027, VNR plans to train 200 key personnel, including teachers, technicians, finance professionals, project managers, using funds from the corporation and its subsidiaries.

High-speed railway (Illustrative image)

VNR also outlined the corresponding restructuring plan for the high-speed railway project. Specifically, from 2025 to 2030, VNR’s current management organizational model remains basically unchanged, but all units will increase their capacity and manpower to both operate the existing railway system and participate in the construction of the high-speed railway.

From 2030 to 2032, VNR’s management organizational model will undergo major adjustments, separating regular railways from high-speed railways and establishing two management and operation units for high-speed railways. From 2032 to 2045, VNR will centrally manage and unify the entire existing railway network through the Rail Traffic Operation Control Center.

Previously, in February 2019, the Ministry of Transport submitted to the Government a feasibility report for the North-South high-speed railway project passing through 20 provinces and cities. This is a double-track railway, with a gauge of 1,435 mm, electrified and designed for a speed of 350 km/h, with an operational speed of 320 km/h.

The Politburo has also set the goal of completing the approval of the investment policy for the North-South high-speed railway project and starting construction before 2030. The Hanoi-Vinh and HCM City-Nha Trang high-speed railway sections will be prioritized for construction in the period from 2026 to 2030, with the aim of completing the entire North-South high-speed railway before 2045.

N. Huyen

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