Masterise Homes: Real estate industry highlight in 2023

Overcoming the common challenges in 2023, Masterise Homes has achieved three impressive milestones, proving its global execution capabilities and the "real values" of an international real estate developer in Vietnam.


In 2023, Masterise Homes demonstrated its global execution capabilities as an international real estate developer.

7 projects “on target”

Just a few days before Tet Nguyen Dan 2024, The Global City (Do Xuan Hop, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City) handed over the SOHO subdivision to the first customers. This milestone also helped Masterise Homes officially “reach the finish line” by delivering all 7 projects on time before Tet Giap Thin. With this achievement, the international real estate developer added more than 8,000 apartments and shophouses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Having received their homes since December 2023, residents of Masteri Centre Point have become accustomed to modern and convenient living in the largest compound in eastern Ho Chi Minh City.

Until now, the residential communities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi have been established and received numerous compliments for the quality, utilities, and services provided by the Masterise Property Management team. Ms. Minh Nguyet, a resident of Masteri West Heights, shared: “My children were very excited about the outdoor park. They no longer use their phones or watch TV but instead constantly run around. The staff also is very attentive, from the security guard opening the door to the receptionist promptly resolving any issues for residents.”

Traditional Tet activities are organized exclusively for the residents of the projects developed by Masterise Homes.

Masterise Homes not only set a record for delivering projects but also introduced a new project in the Hanoi market – LUMIÈRE Evergreen in the Smart City center. This project is expected to continue the success of the two LUMIÈRE projects that have been handed over and have made a great impact in Ho Chi Minh City.

Putting Vietnam on the map of global luxury real estate

On November 14, 2023, the luxury apartment building Marriott in Lake Tower, Grand Marina, Saigon was officially inaugurated, marking the presence of the first Marriott Residences luxury apartment complex in Vietnam developed by Masterise. This is the first tower completed in the planning of Grand Marina, Saigon, covering a scale of 10 hectares developed by Masterise Homes.

Sharing about this proud milestone, Mr. Mahdi Samhouri, Deputy Director of the Project Development Department and Deputy Director of the Design Department at Masterise Homes, said: “This project is designed, constructed, and completed to the highest standards in Ho Chi Minh City. The outstanding quality is largely thanks to the involvement of Marriott. If we do not build according to the specified standards, Marriott will not agree to operate the building.”

The opening ceremony of Lake Tower – the first tower in the world’s largest Marriott Residences luxury apartment complex developed by Masterise has helped Vietnam officially appear on the map of luxury real estate.

This milestone not only affirms the international reputation and capabilities of Masterise Homes but also officially puts Vietnam on the map of global luxury real estate. Currently, Marriott manages nearly 130 luxury real estate projects with 16 different brands in 46 countries and territories. When Grand Marina, Saigon is completed, it will be the world’s largest Marriott luxury real estate complex developed by Masterise.

“5-star standard” facilities with the Marriott brand’s mark at Lake Tower.

Transforming The Global City into the new center of the city

Grand Marina, Saigon is not the only “world-class” project of Masterise Homes. After 2 years of launching, The Global City urban area has attracted a total of 1 million visitors to participate in over 60 events, becoming a familiar entertainment destination for residents and tourists, gradually turning into the new center of Ho Chi Minh City.

When talking about The Global City, the annual event “Luxury Countdown Party” cannot be missed. In 2023, the event returned with a scale 10 times larger than the first year. The collaboration with the Heineken brand has also successfully attracted more than 50,000 people to the new center to welcome 2024.

The Global City is gradually demonstrating its potential to become a major attraction for young people and local residents.

After the success in 2023, The Global City continues to improve other utility areas – especially the City Park entertainment park, which promises to make this place a focal point for attracting visitors and residents on special occasions.

Speaking about the 2024 plan, representatives of Masterise Group said that 2024 will be a dynamic year with a “dual” goal – both continuing to focus on quality and progress in ongoing projects and maintaining the commitment to provide unique services and experiences for residents in the 7 projects that have been handed over.

“Creating a new living standard is just the first step to success because maintaining these distinctive values is challenging. The Masterise team will need to make even greater efforts to demonstrate their capabilities and achieve further success, continuously elevating the customer experience as we have committed from the very beginning,” shared the group’s representative.