“MoMo Shake Xì: A Combo of Entertainment, Knowledge, and Lucky Money Rewards”

As the Lunar New Year approaches, Lắc Xì makes a comeback, eagerly anticipated by the Vietnamese tech-savvy community. The secret to the success of this 6-year-old brand lies in its perfect blend of exceptional user experience, enticing red envelope gifts, and an abundance of educational and humanitarian significance.


Tet is always considered a spiritual dish that cannot be missed by the Vietnamese people during the New Year. Understanding and cherishing traditional cultural customs, while grasping the rising trend of online entertainment at home on smartphones, MoMo has early conceived an idea to create an interesting interactive entertainment program combined with giving lucky money and offering discounts to users on every Tet occasion.

In 2019, this “tech unicorn” officially launched Lắc Xì, which has since maintained its hotness and attracted the attention of many users.

Tet specialty in the 4.0 era

Bringing users a chain of fun experiences along with the opportunity to “shake” lucky money and attractive gifts, Lắc Xì is a successful example of an entertainment program on a smartphone application platform where “one arrow hits many targets”. With high entertainment demand, Lắc Xì players will have enjoyable interactive experiences interspersed with challenges, bringing excitement throughout the Tet holiday. Along with “shaking” cash or shopping discount cards, realistic expense reductions in dining and shopping, helping users save and smartly spend.

Also thanks to Lắc Xì, brands and partners have an additional access channel to distinctive and convenient customers, thereby creating conditions for business activities to develop further. As the leading interactive entertainment program combined with upfront benefits on the app platform in Vietnam, Lắc Xì has ignited a new marketing trend for brands, helping them find touchpoints with customers at a lower cost during the Tet season while still achieving high effectiveness. It’s safe to say that after 5 years, Lắc Xì has become an indispensable “specialty” for celebrating the traditional Tet holiday with a touch of the 4.0 era.

Building an interactive entertainment program combined with benefits is MoMo’s pioneering way of innovatively providing user experiences. Photo: MoMo.

After MoMo, some e-wallets or bank app also chose to engage with users through interactive games, bringing many unique and distinctive experiences to youth and technology enthusiasts at the beginning of the spring. In the competitive environment where user experiences play a crucial role in the success of products and services, fintech and banks certainly don’t want to be left out of this innovative game, helping to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What to expect from Lắc Xì 2024?

In 2022, if Lắc Xì recreates the familiar neighborhood scene, warm and vibrant with Tet games of Vietnamese characteristics; 2023 will take the theme of the Year of the Cat to create the image of the “Cat King” shaking the dice for the New Year gifts; then in 2024, Lắc Xì will launch the “Cá Chép Becomes a Dragon” version, inspired by folklore, in which players transform into Koi Fish jumping over various obstacles to become Dragons.

It can be seen that Lắc Xì always upholds traditional culture, integrating Vietnamese folk themes harmoniously into modern interactive entertainment experiences with eye-catching graphics, creating a close connection for users during playtime.

In addition, Lắc Xì 2024 cleverly inserts tasks for users to experience new and improved features of MoMo such as Multi-purpose QR Code, as well as “decorate” some interesting puzzles or memory tests, creating a journey of Koi Fish overcoming obstacles full of joy and laughter. This innovation of Lắc Xì is considered as an intelligent approach to financial education, helping users improve knowledge and develop budget management habits, thereby making appropriate financial decisions and strategies.

Lắc Xì 2024 is officially launched, promising to continue the trend of “catching” lucky money for MoMo users. Photo: MoMo.

“Just play to get lucky money”, Lắc Xì 2024 continues to invest millions of “huge” gifts as a way of gratitude to users on the first days of the year. If players complete the final challenge, they will receive random valuable lucky money from VND 10,000, VND 100,000 to VND 1,000,000; have the chance to win extremely valuable lucky money bags worth up to VND 100 million; Samsung phones or PNJ Fortune Gold. Not only that, during the experience journey, players can also “hunt” shopping vouchers, dining and transportation vouchers for free; receive a Golden Pig to donate and help disadvantaged situations directly on MoMo.

2024 marks the 6th year MoMo has launched Lắc Xì. Although constantly updating and upgrading the version each year, the engineering team of this “tech unicorn” still maintains an enduring goal: How to build a beautifully-formed interactive entertainment program, or one with great content, that reflects Vietnamese intelligence and has a strong human touch, so that users can fully enjoy themselves during Tet. It’s precisely this ceaseless ability to innovate that has helped Lắc Xì become a “specialty” of Tet over the past half decade, with unique features that offer “unprecedented” experiences to Vietnamese users.

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