Things to avoid when cleaning the house during Tet, especially paying attention to this feng shui element in the ancestral worshipping area to avoid financial loss in the new year

Places to receive and farewell guests need to be decorated with beautiful potted plants and bonsai trees that are suitable for feng shui. On the left, you should place lucky and green plants, while on the right, you should place lucky bamboo plants.


According to feng shui experts, when moving house, homeowners should remember a few tips below to avoid affecting the feng shui of the family.

Limit moving on the ancestral altar

When moving house to welcome Tet, homeowners should pay attention to the area of the ancestral altar. This is the most solemn and sacred place of the house, where statues of the gods of wealth, land, or worship photos are placed. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the movement of this position, especially use a clean cloth or wet paper towel to wipe off dust, absolutely do not use a used or dirty rag.

When cleaning the ancestral altar, it is necessary to clean according to the principle: the incense bowl needs to be placed away from the statues, the incense bowl will be placed on the outermost altar closest to the person who lit incense for easy ignition, in the middle of the altar will place vases of flowers, fruit trays, water bowls or tea or wine.

If any family’s incense bowl has too many incense sticks, remove the excess incense sticks and burn them in the pond, river, or stream. Absolutely do not throw them in the trash can.

Arrange green plants, fresh flowers at the right position

Ornamental plants, fresh flowers symbolize the vitality of wealth and prosperity, so when cleaning the house, many families have bought more green plants to bring more vitality to the house.

According to feng shui experts, if there are fig trees, bonsai trees, dragon trees, daffodils, poison-bearing flowers… in the house, they need to be taken outside, not to be placed indoors when entering the new year. Instead, homeowners should choose plum blossoms, kumquats, apricots, water lilies, bamboos… to display. These types of trees will generate good luck for the members of the family.

The arrangement of green plants also needs to be noted, not every place can be placed. Many people often display plants in the middle of the house without knowing that this is an important position, where the positive energy source for the family originates. Placing pots of plants in this position will obstruct the luck, making the energy decline, and not good for the feng shui of the whole family.

Do not clean the living room carelessly

On Tet days, the living room is considered the most important space. This is where guests visit and bring fortune to homeowners. Therefore, the living room must be cleaned and decorated neatly. Homeowners pay attention to thoroughly clean the main door, a door filled with dust will reduce sand energy, hinder money from coming into the house.

When cleaning the living room, people pay attention to thoroughly clean areas such as the front entrance, the doorstep, the sill… to welcome the sand energy. The places to welcome and see off guests should be placed with beautiful plants, bonsai, beautiful feng shui, such as placing a healthy plant on the left and a lucky bamboo on the right. In addition, you can place decorative statues, paintings, couplets, hang lanterns to increase vibrancy and create life force in the house during Tet and the coming of spring.

Do not change the position of the kitchen

In the process of moving houses, we are very likely to make a major mistake, which is to change the position of the kitchen. In feng shui, the kitchen is one of the three negative spots that need a stable and firm position. If it is changed suddenly, it will affect the feng shui of the family, reducing prosperity. Even affect the relationship of husband and wife, children.

To make the kitchen become airy, clean, and standard feng shui, first of all, homeowners should note not to hang sharp objects on the wall, such as knives, scissors, blades poking out… These objects in the invisible middle become evils, making the energy in the house worse, and the members are prone to disputes and conflicts. It is best to keep the knives directly under the kitchen cabinet or hang them behind the cooking stove.

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