Toyota: Unbreakable, But Fixing It with Paper and Tape Like This is Truly One of a Kind.

The police had no choice but to impound and fine a Toyota Yaris owner with their hilariously inept attempt at "fixing" their car.


Police in the Bradford district of West Yorkshire, England in early February came across a “unique” situation.

Specifically, on the Saturday before, they encountered a Toyota Yaris that could hardly be patched up. The car seemed to have suffered a very serious collision that the owner had no intention of seriously repairing. Instead, they used wallpaper and duct tape to cover up the heavily damaged body of the car. 

The “unusual” Toyota Yaris is temporarily seized by the police. Photo: Steerside Enforcement Team

Furthermore, one of the tires was completely worn out, significantly reducing the ability to grip the road and potentially causing an accident.

Of course, this makeshift repair was not fooling the police, and the car was quickly detained. After a thorough inspection, the police decided to seize the car and fine the driver for “driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition”.

The unfortunate Toyota Yaris was then transported to the address of the offender (of course, they had to pay for it). The owner will either have to repair the car to ensure a safe structure (rather than leaving the rear frame bare as shown in the photo) or dispose of their vehicle.

Beneath the wallpaper and duct tape is the rear door with a completely broken frame. Photo: Steerside Enforcement Team

A car, after suffering a serious incident that causes significant damage like the aforementioned Yaris, can have unpredictable consequences when being driven. The affected main frame of the car can lead to a compromised balance or cause damage to other areas if deliberately used without repairs.

Especially, if the car were to be involved in another accident, the protection of the occupants inside would be significantly lower than that of a normal car due to the compromised protective structure, which would no longer distribute forces effectively.

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