Apple Vision Pro: Unleash the Magic of Innovation

True to the nature of a "Next Big Thing" product, Vision Pro provides unprecedented experiences unlike any other device before.


Even though it officially went on sale on 2/2, Apple Vision Pro is only available in limited quantities in the US market. That is why experiencing this product has become more difficult when in Vietnam, the device is being offered for about 170 million VND, double the listed price by Apple.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to experience the Vision Pro worth 170 million VND and also had some initial interesting observations. In this article, we will provide some quick insights into Vision Pro, to see how Apple has brought a “strange” experience compared to most VR glasses on the market. Readers can also refer to our unboxing article we did earlier here.

Experience Apple Vision Pro – GenK

Setting up Vision Pro correctly?

The setup process of Apple Vision Pro is a completely new experience. Although it takes a bit of time, each step is important to ensure optimal personalization. First, we proceed with the setup process by facing Vision Pro to our face, allowing it to recognize our eyes and even smiling expressions. This not only enhances the friendliness of the device but also helps create a more natural interaction.

After that, we proceed to scan both the outer and inner sides of our hand, an important step to improve the accuracy in tracking hand gestures. Although this process may feel complex at first, it is the key to helping Vision Pro accurately and sensitively respond to every user action.

Once the setup process is complete, we are immediately overwhelmed by the interface of Apple Vision Pro. This interface clearly demonstrates Apple’s focus on visual and user-friendly aspects. If you are familiar with the iOS or iPadOS operating system, you will feel at home with Vision Pro. Everything from icons to menus is intelligently designed, making it easy for users to navigate and interact.

Interacting with Vision Pro

Interacting with Apple Vision Pro is an interesting and unique experience. Users can easily interact with objects, icons, and windows in the virtual space just by looking at them or facing them. This creates a new and strangely captivating feeling when using it. In addition, using our fingers to point at objects is also very sensitive and accurate, providing a natural interaction feeling, just like the touch revolution that Steve Jobs started in 2007.

Especially, we also had the opportunity to experience web browsing and gaming on Vision Pro. The flexibility of the interface in managing multiple windows and applications at the same time is a big plus, enhancing the user experience.

Passthrough feature

The Passthrough feature of Apple Vision Pro is truly impressive. This experience does not cause any delays and allows us to interact with the world around us naturally as if looking through ordinary glasses. This is particularly useful when moving, as it helps us avoid dizziness or stumbling, while maintaining clear visibility of the surrounding environment.

According to some technology reviewers, Vision Pro’s Passthrough feature is more advanced and provides a much better experience compared to other VR glasses on the market, such as Meta Quest 3. In general, it may be necessary to have specific experiences to make a detailed comparison.

How does it feel to wear it?

Wearing Apple Vision Pro gives a gentle and comfortable feeling, completely different from what we initially imagined. The detachable battery design, which can be attached to our pocket, significantly reduces the weight on the head, making it easier to use and not causing fatigue. However, when using it in hot sunny conditions, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, we can feel the stuffy and warm sensation on the face area, which can be uncomfortable during prolonged use.

How to use Vision Pro effectively?

Vision Pro is not just an entertainment device; it also opens up many applications in daily life. A typical example is in cooking: you can wear Vision Pro and open YouTube to watch cooking tutorials. The instructional videos will be displayed in a specific perspective, allowing you to follow while still maintaining a free view of the surrounding space. This helps optimize space and time while minimizing distractions from the outside environment.

Or simply, Vision Pro can create an extremely efficient workspace, allowing users to multitask with any displayed windows.

In addition, during the usage process, we also discovered the ability to switch between virtual reality and augmented reality just by turning the dial on the right side of the glasses. This flexibility allows us to easily adapt to different situations, from work to entertainment, without the need to change devices.

Apple Vision Pro is a breakthrough in virtual reality and augmented reality technology. With natural interaction ability, friendly interface, and advanced Passthrough feature, it not only brings vibrant entertainment experiences but also opens up many practical applications. Although it has a high price, Vision Pro will surely satisfy technology enthusiasts and those seeking new experiences.