Chasing down armed bank robber on the afternoon of the 28th Tet

A person used a gun to threaten employees at a bank branch along National Highway 20 in Lam Dong province and stole billions of Vietnamese dong.


A gunman pointed his gun at bank staff and demanded money to be put in the bag. Photo cut from the clip

At around 3:20 PM on February 7th, a suspect used a gun to threaten bank employees at V. bank branch in Lien Nghia town (Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province), robbed a large amount of money and fled on a motorcycle.

Footage from the clip of the bank robbery shows that the perpetrator is about 40 years old, tall, wearing blue jeans, a dark brown jacket, Bata shoes, a gray helmet and a nearly covered face with a mask.

The suspect approached the teller counter, pulled out his gun, pointed it at the bank staff to intimidate them, and then threw a bag inside, pointing the gun at a female bank employee and demanded that she put the cash in the bag.

Seeing that the female employee was slow in action, the robber climbed over the glass barrier to get inside the counter, personally put the cash in a black bag, and carried it on his shoulder before jumping out.

The robber then got on a motorcycle (a purple Dream brand without a license plate) to escape. When intercepted by security guards and local residents, the bank robber fired shots and ran away on National Highway 20.

The robber fired his gun when being intercepted. Photo cut from the clip

Upon receiving the report, the Duc Trong district police reported the incident to the Lam Dong provincial police leadership and mobilized all forces to chase the robber.

The professional departments of the Lam Dong Provincial Police also quickly reinforced the forces to chase this daring robber.

Preliminary information indicates that the suspect has stolen billions of dong from the bank.

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