Hanoi 29 Tet: Almost half a million VND for a bunch of green bananas

On February 8th (which is the 29th day of Tet), the residents of the capital city were still busy with preparations for the Lunar New Year. In many places, the price of green bananas skyrocketed, with some bunches reaching half a million VND, eagerly awaiting customers. Meanwhile, at supermarkets, promotions and drastic discounts attracted crowds of people eager to make purchases.


Looking for buyers for 500,000 dong per bunch of green bananas

With only 1 more day until the Lunar New Year, the price of fruits for the traditional Lunar New Year fruit tray is increasing day by day. The prices of some key fruits for the fruit tray such as green bananas, pomelos, green papayas, watermelons, and Buddha’s hand are doubling or even quadrupling compared to regular days.

Among these fruits this year, green bananas have seen the largest price increase. On regular days, a bunch of green bananas with an even number of fruits (14-16-18) costs between 20,000 and 30,000 dong. But now, the price has risen to 80,000 – 100,000 dong for small fruits, while the larger and more beautiful ones are being sold for 150,000 – 200,000 dong.

Meanwhile, single bunches of green bananas with odd numbers of fruits (15-17-19-25) are believed to bring good luck for the whole year when offered on the ancestral altar during the Lunar New Year. That’s why the price of these bunches has also increased in the days leading up to the New Year.

500,000 dong per bunch of 25 green bananas (photo: Ngoc Mai).

At markets in Thanh Xuan, Nghia Tan, Nam Trung Yen, and other places, individual bunches of green bananas with 19-21 fruits are being sold for 300,000 – 400,000 dong. Particularly, bunches of 25 green bananas with long, beautiful stems and plump fruits are being advertised for almost 500,000 dong. This price is 8-10 times higher than on regular days, leaving many shoppers bewildered.

It’s not just green bananas, most other fruits used for the Lunar New Year fruit tray such as watermelons, custard apples, Buddha’s hands, pomelos, and mangoes are also increasing in price by the hour.

Mr. Nguyen Khang, a fruit seller at markets in Nam Trung Yen (Cau Giay), said: “The price is higher than usual because of increased demand during the New Year and the higher cost from suppliers. Every year, prices always go up before Tet, not just this year.”

However, looking around, customers are only buying bunches of bananas priced under 200,000 dong while the bunches that cost half a million dong are still waiting for customers.

Heading to supermarkets for discounted items

On the 29th day of Tet, supermarkets are increasing promotions and discounts on many items to attract customers.

Ms. Bich Phuong, a shopper at Big C supermarket (Cau Giay, Hanoi), said: “A few days ago, I went shopping at the supermarket for imported goods, now I have time to shop for my family. There are many discounts and promotions. All Tet jams are buy 1 get 1 free, and fruits are discounted by 30%.”

Tet jams in the supermarket are buy 1 get 1 free on the 29th day of Tet (photo: Ngoc Mai).

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Van, Director of Communications at Central Retail Group in Vietnam (which manages GO!, Big C), the company has prepared full plans for Tet stock, connecting with suppliers in many provinces to exploit local specialties and meet the shopping needs of customers.

Supermarkets are arranging large numbers of staff, payment systems, and cashiers to ensure convenient and easy shopping for customers, as well as extending the opening hours to serve customers during Tet.

“At the GO!, Big C supermarket system nationwide, we will be open from 7am to 11pm in the days leading up to Tet. On the 30th day of Tet, the system will be open for shopping until 12pm or 2pm (depending on the location) and will only be closed on the 1st day of Tet. From the 2nd day of Tet, the system will operate as usual, opening from 8am to 10pm,” said Ms. Van.

In addition to attractive discounts of over 50% on hundreds of quality products, supermarkets are seeing a strong increase in purchases compared to regular days, with a 20-40% increase compared to the previous days. This includes many groups of items such as essential foods, beer, soft drinks, cakes, and various nuts, which can increase 2-3 times compared to regular months.

Today, the entire supermarket system will be open from morning until late at night to serve each customer shopping for Tet goods, and tomorrow, February 9th (the 30th day of Tet), the system will be open until 12 noon.

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