‘Kingpin’ of trucks in Vietnam introduces a stunning new SUV model: as spacious as the Hyundai Santa Fe with an expected price starting from 500 million VND

Introducing the latest SUV model, equipped with a cutting-edge plug-in hybrid system powered by a 1.5L natural gas engine.


Chinese brand Changan has announced that it will soon introduce the UNI-Z SUV model to the mass market in the first quarter of this year. According to documents sent to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the UNI-Z is positioned as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) SUV with an expected price of about CNY 150,000 (equivalent to VND 509 million).

Changan – the second largest car manufacturer in China, a state-owned company with over 150 years of experience in car manufacturing. The group also has joint ventures with prestigious car manufacturers such as Mazda, Ford, Suzuki,…. to produce products to meet demand in the domestic market and some countries in the region.

Changan UNI-Z has dimensions of 4,730×1,890×1,680 mm (this figure is close to 4,785×1,900×1,685-1,730 mm of the Hyundai Santa Fe), a wheelbase of 2,795 mm.

Changan UNI-Z possesses a youthful, dynamic and personalized design similar to other “brothers” in the UNI series. The front of the car features a borderless grille with a matrix design to create a visual effect, enhancing the image width of the front and creating a stronger sense of future and technology. The LED headlights are located above the grille, creating a sharp light stream shape that makes the overall car look more dynamic.

On the side, the Changan UNI-Z features a prominent fastback style with raised pressed lines, flared wheel arches. The A, B, C and D pillars are painted black. Two-tone rearview mirror cover.

The rear of the car features transparent taillights that help enhance the car’s youthful and technological appeal. Integrated brake lights on the spoiler.

The cabin space of the Changan UNI-Z features a youthful and luxurious design. The most attention-grabbing feature is the super large floating center control screen. Along with the hierarchical information function layout that facilitates interaction between humans and computers. The central armrest seats, control panel area are all covered in soft leather, creating a luxurious interior.

Notably, the UNI-Z’s center control panel, near the front windshield, has a part shaped like a reactor emitting light like a ship. These surrounding lights synchronize with the vehicle’s driving status, providing users with a vivid driving experience.

The plug-in hybrid system used on the UNI-Z was meticulously developed by Changan Automobile over more than 27 months. In addition to impressive performance, the car promises to provide an exciting driving experience. The car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system based on a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum engine power of 72kW. Other performance specifications have yet to be disclosed.

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