Regal Group 2024: Embrace a New Opportunity

Having an adaptable strategy that caters to the economic context while staying true to the long-term goals of the decade, Regal Group has transformed 2023 into a resolute year, surpassing all challenges and launching a full-scale offensive to seize the new opportunities in 2024.


No room for waiting and no acceptance of common standards

By 2023, Central Land has officially comprehensively restructured, renaming to become Regal Group Joint Stock Company, operating with 2 main fields: Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Ecosystem with subsidiaries including Regal Homes, Regal Food, Regal Mall, Regal Hotels & Resorts, Casita Homes and franchise brands; Real Estate Business with the brand Central Land through the system of affiliated companies: Nam Central Real Estate Joint Stock Company, Emerald Real Estate Development Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Smart Urban Joint Stock Company.

With a new operating strategy, Regal Group brings optimal investment solutions, comprehensive living styles thanks to the diversity and richness of participating business areas, from real estate to food, hotels, retail, etc.

12th anniversary of establishment – 12 years of serving the ideals and the country

In 12 years, Regal Group has comprehensively developed and built sustainable values ​​from the internal strength of the Group, human values, depth in each project, firmness with comprehensive ecosystem, product quality, and project development charisma.

Launch a luxury villa rental chain model in Vietnam with 2 brands: Regal Collection Villa, Icity Villa

This luxurious private villa product is for short and long-term lease with a capacity of 90% nationwide, profit and commercial value improvement is enormous.

Developing a classy, civilized, prosperous resident community

2023 is a year of prosperity and development of the Regal Group resident community at all projects.

Trendy business stores, high-end check-in points bustling with people at Regal Pavillon Da Nang.

Multi-generational families enjoying luxury resort life, blending with nature, a step away from countless utilities at Regal One River and Regal Victoria riverside villas.

In Phu Yen, on Hung Vuong Boulevard, Regal Maison Phu Yen continuously welcomes residents for settling in, doing business, creating a bustling commercial junction in the heart of Tuy Hoa.

Regal Legend has welcomed residents back home just over a year after groundbreaking, providing a vibrant, lively business atmosphere.

Launched a series of international standard facilities

Regal Pool swimming pool combined with outdoor entertainment space Ava Pool Bar.

Regal Group is developing international standard utility systems at all projects even when the projects have not been fully operational. They are the Regal Collection House hotel, the twin lakeside pedestrian walkway system Regal Lake Walk, Regal Beach Walk, Regal Beach with F&B chains, convenience stores quickly becoming popular venues for entertainment, fun, and check-ins gathering tens of thousands of visitors every night.

Accompany the development of local tourism through a chain of vibrant festivals

With every land that Regal Group steps into, we aspire to create rich experiential destinations for residents and tourists through colorful festivals.

For the first time, Regal Group successfully organized the Legend Festival 2024 New Year welcoming week at Regal Legend attracting 140,000 people to visit, experience, and enjoy the vibrant festival atmosphere for 9 days and 9 nights. The vibrant festival chain positions the ​​5-star urban areas to live in the most in Vietnam, accompanying the development of the local economic and tourism sectors that Regal Group aims for.

Complete a closed ecosystem for residents

With a brand portfolio from housing to hotels, shopping centers, Regal Group’s closed ecosystem is complete, opening up a chain of high-quality products and services, fully meeting the needs of residents.

Social activities

A year with many difficulties and challenges, however, Regal Group has not forgotten to consider community and social activities as a long journey accompanying business activities and showcasing the company’s sustainable development strategy. Regal Group sponsored the lighting of the Truong Long village road (Quang Binh); sponsored funds to initiate the western gateway to Tuyen Son Bridge (Da Nang); renovated Vo Nguyen Giap street, sponsored 200 billion VND to build a road connecting to Bao Ninh beach, Quang Binh. This is evidence of Regal Group’s efforts to contribute to infrastructure construction, public facilities in the localities where Regal Group is present.

Establishing the goal for 2024

In 2024, Regal Group sets a target of 3,000 billion VND in revenue, post-tax profit of 200 billion VND, sales productivity, an average of 2 products per employee per month, and dozens of salespeople with incomes over 10 billion VND per year. Regal Group always stays firm with the goal of becoming a billion-dollar corporation by 2030, with a charter capital of 23,000 billion VND, being one of the largest private economic groups in Vietnam.

Surpassing 2023 with many challenges, Regal Group is full of confidence and hope for a new 2024 full of opportunities

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