Satellite urban area planning, cheaper residential land prices compared to agricultural land in Dong Anh and Thuong Tin

Hoà Lạc urban area is currently offering land at approximately 20 million VND/m2, which is much cheaper than the land prices in areas such as Thường Tín, Đông Anh, and other suburban areas.


Hoa Lac Urban Township is one of the 5 satellite cities of the capital city. According to the general planning of Hoa Lac urban area, Hanoi city until 2030, the scale of 1/10,000, this urban area belongs to the administrative boundaries of Quoc Oai district, Thach That district, and Son Tay town (Hanoi) with a research scale of 173,000 km2, a population of 600,000 people, and an urban population rate estimated at about 85%. The urban planning image of Hoa Lac with a scale of 1/2000 is being consulted by the people.

It is known that Hoa Lac Urban Township is planned to become a scientific and technological city, a place of concentration of advanced intelligence and technology, a center for high-quality human resource training, and a center for scientific research and high technology of the entire country. At the same time, it combines with green ecological urban areas and resorts, in the direction of developing a green urban area.

Accompanying that, the real estate market of Hoa Lac Urban Township is also attracting investors’ attention. Currently, real estate prices in the area are quite reasonable, even much cheaper than land prices in areas such as Thuong Tin, Dong Anh, or other suburban areas.

According to sharing from realtors, the land inside the Binh Yen resettlement area (resettlement area of Hoa Lac high-tech zone) is currently priced at around 20-30 million VND / m2. Meanwhile, the lots along provincial road 420 have fewer transactions because the majority of owners do not want to sell, partly because they can do business and have great potential for price increases, so land prices along this road fluctuate at no less than 30 million VND / m2.

As for the resettlement area of the National University of Hanoi, according to shared information in the area, land prices here also only range from around 20 million VND / m2. For beautiful lots located on the main road, the prices are also around 30 million VND.

Although the prices are relatively cheap compared to the general market, many investors still have concerns when making investments in real estate in Hoa Lac. According to research, at the beginning of 2000, land prices here increased to 10-12 million VND / meter on the road surface. Then, in early 2001, the price increased to 20-25 million VND / meter. The peak of the price surge was in 2002 when the Láng – Hoà Lạc project announcement was made and the price reached 55 million VND / meter on the road surface. However, by 2008, many investors got involved in the purchase of land within the open road planning, so after that, customers and investors were cautious, they researched carefully about planning, legal procedures, and documents of the land plots…

Since then, it has been a stagnant period for the real estate market in this area. However, after a period of calm, Hoa Lac Real Estate from 2017-2018 has shown more positive signs.

Currently, there is great potential for development in Hoa Lac Urban Township, and this area is undergoing changes, especially when many technology giants are pouring capital into infrastructure and factories in the High-tech Zone. For example, FPT has built a technology education “headquarters” here for decades.

Not to mention a series of foreign technology giants such as the Research and Development Center of Nissan Techno Group – Japan, Nidec Corporation – Japan, or the aircraft engine production plant of Hanwha Group – South Korea, the DT&C Research and Test Center – South Korea… are also present in the Hoa Lac area. (Photo: Thuy Ha).

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