Strict enforcement of fare increase by Ministry of Transport

The Ministry of Transport requires its affiliated units to minimize flight delays and cancellations; strictly deal with overloaded vehicles, carrying excess passengers, and price gouging.


The Ministry of Transport has issued a document requesting the assurance of safety and convenience for people to return to their hometown for Tet

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) has sent a letter to the agencies and units under the Ministry regarding the implementation of Official Dispatch No. 10/CĐ-TTg dated January 29, 2024, of the Prime Minister on strengthening measures to ensure traffic order and safety during the Lunar New Year and Spring festival of 2024.

The MOT requires the specialized management agencies, the Department of Transport of provinces and centrally-run cities, and relevant entities, organizations, and individuals in the field of transport to urgently direct and oversee the implementation of the assigned tasks in Official Dispatch No. 10/CĐ-TTg.

Specifically, the attention should be focused on directing the subordinated agencies and units, the transportation business units to ensure the capacity, transportation quality, and safety of passenger and cargo transportation activities, especially passenger transportation services on roads, waterways, and airways during the Tet holiday.

Special attention should be paid to Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Noi Bai International Airport, minimizing delays and cancellations in the aviation sector.

The MOT also requires strict handling according to the provisions of the law with organizations and individuals for situations of overloaded vehicles, unregistered bus stops, vehicles carrying more than the prescribed number of passengers, and the price surges beyond the regulations.

The MOT also requires the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to continue implementing strict control measures for commercial vehicles through trip monitoring devices, timely dealing with violations in accordance with the provisions of the law, especially violations related to speed; promptly correcting the delay in updating and handling information related to violations from the trip monitoring devices.

Ensure the smooth operation of the electronic toll collection system without congestion at toll booths.

Have plans to organize, regulate, and distribute traffic, timely disperse traffic congestion, to prevent long-lasting congestion in case of incidents or traffic accidents, especially before and after the Lunar New Year holiday on major routes entering and leaving Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, connecting routes to train stations, airports, seaports, and festival areas.

The MOT requires the assigned agencies and units to be on duty 24/7, reporting the situation of ensuring traffic order and safety during the 7-day Lunar New Year holiday from February 8 to February 14 (from December 29 in the Year of Mao to the 5th day of the Year of Giap Thin).

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