Supermarket Rush: Dodging from Parking Lot to Checkout, Shoppers Navigate Like Drivers on the Road

During the days leading up to the Lunar New Year, the demand for essential goods and gift items increases significantly, resulting in frequent congestion and overcrowding at most supermarkets.


Just escaped from traffic congestion, Hanoi residents are again facing congestion at supermarkets as the demand for essential goods and gift items for the Lunar New Year increases. According to observations at a supermarket on Pham Van Dong street, there are long lines of motorcycles and cars filling up the parking lot, while the cart area is empty. Discounted items, essential goods, and Tet gifts are the most crowded areas for customers.

Traffic congestion at a supermarket in Hanoi. Clip: Nhat Anh

At another supermarket on Tran Duy Hung street, congestion occurs in the parking area and at the entrance. Shoppers have to cleverly avoid each other just like drivers on the road. In just a few more hours, the moment of the new year will officially arrive. Perhaps then, people will truly get to rest.

Not only in Hanoi, according to observations in Ho Chi Minh City, supermarkets are also always crowded with people shopping. The food, candy, soft drinks, and fresh flower sections are the most crowded areas for shoppers.

The fruit and vegetable stalls attract the attention of many people

People rush to supermarkets for shopping

Patients patiently queue, waiting to be paid

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