Up-close look at a half-billion-dong antique in Ho Chi Minh City

Many gigantic cashew trees are being sold by garden owners at prices ranging from 250 to 500 million dong at the Spring Flower Market in Ho Chi Minh City.


Mr. Nguyen Dung, a representative of the plant market, said that he is selling a longan tree for 500 million VND. This longan tree has been alive for about 60 years.

“Grandpa Longan” worth half a billion VND is planted in Tra Vinh province and displayed at the Phu My Hung spring flower market (District 7) for the past week.

The longan tree has many fruits on its branches, with fruits as big as a fist.

Since it has been planted for over 60 years, the longan tree’s trunk is very large, with a circumference of 1.6m.

The longan tree is green and healthy, well taken care of.

Here is another longan tree being offered for sale at 350 million VND. This longan tree also has an attractive bonsai shape.

Another longan tree with a price of 250 million VND. This longan tree has a rough, muscular appearance.

According to artisan Nguyen Dung, this longan tree is also over 60 years old.

An ancient longan tree is sprouting many young branches and flowers.

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