Woman Arrested for Offering “Super High Interest” Loans of 2160% per Year

A woman from Quang Nam has been charged by the police for her involvement in a high-interest lending scheme. According to the authorities, the estimated interest rate for the loans reached up to 2160% per year.


During the Lunar New Year, the problem of ‘black credit’ becomes more complicated. Taking advantage of the high year-end spending demand, various individuals use different tricks to ‘trap’ borrowers.

According to the Quang Nam Provincial Police, at the end of January 2024, during the crackdown on usury in civil transactions, the Duy Xuyen District Police issued an emergency detention order and conducted an urgent search of Tran Thi Len, born in 1999, residing in Dong Khuong 1, Dien Phuong, Dien Ban, for the act of “Lending at high interest rates in civil transactions”.

A woman loans at “super high interest rates”. (Source: Quang Nam Police)

Prior to that, the Duy Xuyen District Police had grasped the situation and discovered many groups operating but not complying with legal regulations. These are criminal activities related to high-interest lending.

The Duy Xuyen District Police have established an investigation plan (codenamed 124L) to concentrate forces, means, and measures to clarify the situation.

After collecting documents and evidence for a period of time, at noon on January 31, 2024, the Investigation Panel decided to solve the case, deploy forces to carry out an urgent search and urgent detention of Tran Thi Len (born in 1999, residing in Dong Khuong 1, Dien Phuong, Dien Ban, Quang Nam) for the act of “Lending at high interest rates in civil transactions” and summoned for work related to relevant individuals.

Preliminary investigation results showed that from July 2023, Tran Thi Len approached “group members” in need of money for loans and lent at “sky-high” interest rates up to 2160% per year, profiting illegally over 150,000,000 VND.

Currently, the Duy Xuyen District Police have initiated legal proceedings, prosecuted Tran Thi Len for the offense of “Lending at high interest rates in civil transactions”.

In response to the rampant problem of “black credit,” the Information Security Department (Ministry of Information and Communications) issued a warning to the public about the growing trend of high-interest lending. According to this unit, although the authorities have continuously cracked down on groups involved in lending with high interest rates, black credit still shows complicated developments with increasingly sophisticated methods. Currently, many individuals take advantage of social media platforms (closed groups on Zalo, Telegram, Facebook, etc.) to communicate, exchange, discuss, and attract participants to commit criminal acts, mainly related to “black credit”…

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