Will investing in real estate be a “thunderous success” for those born in the Year of the Monkey in 2024?

According to Feng Shui expert Pham Cuong, in 2024, people born in the Year of the Wood Horse will have more luck in their business investments. Especially those born in the hour of the Rooster (5-7am) or the hour of the Dog (5-7pm) will have exceptionally good fortune.


The real estate market has experienced a slowdown in the year of Quy Mao 2023, even freezing in many segments. However, signs of recovery have appeared at the end of the year, bringing hopes of a more vibrant market in 2024. Can you give an overview and your assessment of the real estate market in the year of Giap Thin from a Feng Shui perspective?

Feng Shui expert Pham Cuong: Looking at the nine-palace chart in Huyen Khong, there are 3 earth elements in the celestial chart, but two of them are in conflict. However, one palace is compatible and supported by the fire star number 9 representing energy and full of vitality. This Feng Shui arrangement shows that in a difficult and challenging economic context, the real estate industry has eased pressure.

In addition, in terms of macroeconomic policies in Vietnam, 2024 has favorable conditions that can stimulate the recovery and growth of the real estate market, such as cooling interest rates, including attractive home mortgage rates. The amended land law has just been passed to unlock resources, and all levels of government are actively involved in removing obstacles for projects that are experiencing legal difficulties… which helps increase the supply. When “cheap money” is available and the supply is plentiful, it also signals a more vibrant market.

You mentioned that the real estate market last year had many signals of bottoming out. Can you elaborate on those specific signals?

Feng Shui expert Pham Cuong: Firstly, we can observe a stock market with the fire element. The stock market is usually very sensitive and always has early signals about the trend of the economy and related industries, including real estate – where fire, as the mother of earth, precedes earth by leading the way. In 2022-2023, the stock market saw the bottom, and it became clear that the real estate market’s signals of bottoming out were also becoming clearer.

In addition, looking at 2022, some major real estate players in the South experienced a decline due to bond issues but have found a foothold and reported profits in Q4. In 2023, the stock of a major real estate player in the North also had a negative trend, even hitting new lows. When the big players in the real estate industry have begun to touch bottom and rise, it is also a sign that the overall market has bottomed out and there are many opportunities for recovery. According to me, the most difficult times for the real estate market are over. In 2024, the real estate market has many hopes, even though there is not a big surge yet.

Feng Shui expert Pham Cuong.

Which real estate segments are expected to have good prospects in 2023, and which ones are not, in your opinion?

Feng Shui expert Pham Cuong: Products such as centrally located condominiums that have been popular for many years will still have good price growth this year. Of course, we should focus on reputable developers, brands that have established themselves in the market. For example, Vinhomes, Novaland…

In 2023, the Vietnamese tourism industry did not grow as expected, even some areas like Phu Quoc experienced a decline due to unfavorable policies. However, I still believe that real estate serving tourism will recover in 2024, though not very strongly.

In addition, investors should prioritize real estate segments serving production, industry, rental housing for workers… real estate related to warehouses, benefitting from public investment projects, following planning… will also benefit.

In the year of Giap Thin, there will still be some real estate segments such as divided land plots, projects in remote provinces, outskirts, and other segments that will not bring value, and immediate cash flow will differentiate. Real estate with good legal status, seeing opportunities for rent, will recover soon… but there will still be projects that stagnate in price and even freeze in transactions…

Based on your predictions, what advice do you give to real estate investors to optimize profits in the year of Giap Thin?

Feng Shui expert Pham Cuong: In summary, in the year of Giap Thin 2024, although it has not boomed strongly yet, the real estate market is forecasted to have no shortage of opportunities for smart investors who know how to choose segments, products with potential and keep up with the economic recovery trend.

In terms of segments, we should focus on products serving real needs (condominiums, townhouses in areas with completed infrastructure…), or those serving production (workshops, warehouses, houses for workers for rent…).

In addition, in the early stages of recovery, making quick profits from real estate is very difficult. Investors should have a long-term vision of at least 2-3 years instead of short-term investment, which is suitable for investors with available cash. Furthermore, when the interest rate level is relatively low, leverage can be used to optimize profits. However, borrowing should be moderate, avoiding excessive use to avoid cash flow pressure when facing liquidity difficulties. To minimize the risk of burying capital when projects are suspended or progressing slowly, investors should choose investments by reputable developers with good financial capacity and projects with clear legal status.

When buying properties for investment, buying and selling or renting, the most important factor for Feng Shui is not the age factor. Investors should choose houses with good energy flow in terms of location, landscape, and Feng Shui stance. Avoid investing in cheap properties that violate major Feng Shui principles, as it will be difficult in terms of liquidity and will bury capital. If you want Feng Shui advice before making a purchase, you should consult reputable experts to get the best advice.

Above is my sharing about the most favorable scenario for the real estate market in 2024. In my opinion, there is another negative scenario that can happen. That is unexpected factors on the global macroeconomic side, which could have negative effects like the Black Swan effect at the end of the year. We should also prepare for this scenario.

So according to you, will people born in the year of Thin in 2024 “buy low, sell high” when investing in real estate?

Feng Shui expert Pham Cuong: In 2024, people born in the year of Giap Thin will have more luck than ever in business investment. Especially those born in the hour of Mao (5-7 am) or hour of Dau (5-7 pm) will experience great wealth fortune. These people, when they have profits from other investment channels, should realize those profits into real estate or defensive assets like gold. People born in the year of Canh and Thin will also have relatively good luck. About 70-80% compared to people born in the year of Giap Thin.

In contrast, people born in the year of Nham Thin, Binh Thin need to be cautious and should not invest in short-term speculation. If they buy real estate, they need a long-term vision of at least 2-3 years to achieve profits.

Thank you for your insights!

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